Understand your customers’ attitudes and behaviors through ethnography.

Our qualitative research methods provide you with comprehensive insight into why your customers act the way they do in specific contexts, and how it impacts your business.

Through in-depth research in and out of the field, we uncover the attitudes, beliefs and contexts that influence how people really behave.

Metods & tools

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By following people as they go about their daily lives, we see the insights that people can't always put into words.

Cultural probes

Cultural probes are used in workshops and interview sessions to elicit responses, understand people's associated emotions and attitudes, and inspire designers’ thinking.

Diary studies

People record their actions, behaviors and feelings in their own words, creating a valuable and rich research resource.

Contextual interviews

Interviewing people in their work and life settings helps us to understand their attitudes, expectations and challenges.

Video ethnography

Videos filmed during fieldwork can be shown to your stakeholders, giving them an immersive understanding of the research and its value to business.

Qualitative and quantitative research

Quantitative research looks at how many people do or think something, while qualitative research finds out why.

Stakeholder interviews

We ensure that your expert knowledge is included in the foundational research materials, through interviews with your internal stakeholders.