Michele Visciòla

Experientia Global CEO, President of Experientia srl


"Collaboration will always prevail over conflict and prejudice"


Michele Visciòla is President and founding partner of Experientia. Michele’s core activities range from leading the growth of the company to pursuing strategic conversations with the market, by helping Experientia clients to integrate UX research insights and design deployment with the business analysis and modeling.

Michele is personally involved in projects that deals with the following topics in a variety of industries: digital transformation of services; behavioral modeling and culture evolution implied in service innovation; behavioral economics; user-centered design and policy making.

Michele has an international curriculum and extensive experience in strategic user experience analysis and modeling. His career started as research fellow at the Italian National Research Council and focused on the digitalization of services in complex systems, like process control industries and avionics, with a specialization in human error analysis and information design.

Thanks to his work, Michele was granted an MIT Sloan School fellowship on “International Management for the Future”, during which he designed the prototype of a Human Factors data-base of aircraft accidents and incidents centred on analysis narratives.

Michele served as researcher in Finmeccanica and as manager at Etnoteam, and has consulted for top European industries.

As entrepreneur, Michele has founded a pioneering start-up on usability and human-factors consultancy and was part of the team that founded the World Usability Day.

Michele has more than 10 years of teaching experience divided between Politecnico di Milano (“Digital culture for designers”) and Bicocca University (“Evolution of User Research Methods”), has written several scientific publications, articles and books; he is a renowned speaker, traveling extensively between Europe and Asia; he is a DeTao Academy’s Master in Behavioral Modeling and Design.

3 Questions

Where do you find inspiration?

Looking at people collaborating in their typical daily life; individuals, small groups, families, teams working together can express the core of what being human means: collaboration will always prevail over conflict and prejudice.

You’ve been invited to the next TED Talk. What’s your talk about?

I would talk about the silliness of dividing disciplines into academic silos and then pretending to have the most appealing view of humanity. Specialized investigation techniques and rigourous methodologies are of outmost importance and yet, they are just lenses: I would claim that their abuse can deform reality. Biology, Economics, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology and Neuro-science all have a role to play in understanding behaviors and cultures. For me being a designer means being able to cultivate a more intimate relationship with the variety of disciplines dealing with humanity..

What’s your favorite foreign dish?

I like educated (meaning resulting from good experiments) fusion cuisine: the mix of mediterranean and asian (expecially Japanese and south-east asian) cuisine is my favorite… and of course it has to be well combined with a good selection of wine and olive oil.

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