Behavioral modeling


Use behavioral modeling to transform your customer insights into cognitive, practical and holistic frameworks that can be widely shared and applied.

Metods & tools

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Persona modeling

Get to know your customers' typical attitudes, expectations, aspirations and behaviors, through personas based on qualitative in-depth research.

Task analysis

Gain an in-depth understanding of how your customers use your product or service - their expectations, difficulties, favorite aspects, and main points to impact them.

Behavioral change strategy

We create research-based models of what drives people's behaviors, and ways to nudge or guide them to new behaviors.

Cognitive modeling

Our frameworks illustrate people's thought processes in given contexts, showing critical moments where design can have an impact on their behaviors.

Behavioral economics

We use behavioral economics principles to understand and design for people's natural habits in systems and marketplaces.

Choice architecture design

Understand and influence how your customers make decisions related to your product or service.