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9 days ago

Anthro-Vision: a new way to see in business and life

If there’s one simple message for the general reader in her new book Anthro-Vision it is this: the promise and value of anthropology lies...

9 days ago

Heidi Larson, vaccine anthropologist

Heidi Larson studies vaccine rumors—how they start, and why some flourish and others wither. Tackling misperceptions individually is like...

9 days ago

Humans are imperfect, inconsistent decision-makers

In their new book, Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass Sunstein offer strategies for improvement | An Economist book review

9 days ago

The human error of Artificial Intelligence

Rather than trying to fix the biases of AI systems and their human error, we need to find ways to coexist with it. Anthropology can help us...

9 days ago

The end of privacy? Central banks plan to launch digital coins

The great irony is that the revolution that bitcoin set off could be the end of [financial] privacy with the launch of central bank-backed...

a month ago

The human factor — why data is not enough to understand the world

In a world shaped by one AI, artificial intelligence, we need a second AI, too — anthropology intelligence, writes Gillian Tett in the...

a month ago

Shoshana Zuboff explains why you should care about privacy

In a wide-ranging interview with Lauren Jackson of the New York Times, the author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” talks about...

a month ago

[Book] Living in Data

In this provocative book, Jer Thorp brings his work as a data artist to bear on an exploration of our current and future relationship with...

a month ago

[Book] Data Lives

A book about the life of data and living with data.

a month ago

[Book] Anthro-Vision

In an age when the business world is dominated by technology and data analysis, award-winning financial journalist and anthropology PhD...

Jun 20

In this paper for @ARTL_journal (@mitpress), @Abebab of @UCDCSL argues that machine prediction of social behaviour…

Jun 16

Saturday 19 June at 14:50 CEST (8:50am EDT and 5:50am PDT) @daemoni (Hector Ouilhet) of @google on making space for…

Jun 16

Saturday 19 June at 10:20 CEST (4:20am EDT and 1:20am PDT) @masimuddy (Thomas Stovicek) of @volvocars on mobile exp…

Jun 16

Friday 18 June at 14:20 CEST (8:20am EDT and 5:20am PDT) @RuthKikinGil on responsible AI. Free talk as part of the…