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Experientia is seeking a senior service designer and a senior UX/UI designer in Basel, Switzerland.
More info on our "about" page (click on "Interested in a career with us").

Putting people first

The Experientia blog

2 days ago

[Book] OECD Guidelines for Citizen Participation Processes

These are guidelines for any individual or organisation interested in designing, planning, and implementing a citizen participation...

10 days ago

Human-Centered Design: what architects can learn from UX designers

Approaching architectural design with a UX designer’s mindset ensures a more holistic approach to designing the experience of using a...

17 days ago

[Book] Service Design for Urban Commons

This book explores the application of service design to urban commons, focusing on the Reggio Emilia Ducal Palace in Italy.

18 days ago

Why paying individual people for their health data is a bad idea

Paying individual people for their health data will widen inequalities and reduce altruism, luring people to sell their privacy. Health...

a month ago

Perspectives on the value of ethnography in a future-focused world

In an uncertain world, the safe bet to futures is to explore, identify and invest in what will most likely not change.

a month ago

User research & Engineering: better together during discovery

Julia Tan and Carolina Aldas of Spotify provide some recommendations on how user research and Engineering can improve their collaboration...

a month ago

A guide to using user-experience research methods

Modern day UX research methods answer a wide range of questions. To help you know when to use which user research method, each of 20...

a month ago

“Democracy depends on it”: Carissa Véliz on privacy and ending data surveillance

“There is nothing shocking or radical about ending an economic practice that has too many negative externalities. We have banned certain...

a month ago

Physical buttons outperform touchscreens in new cars, test finds

Physical buttons are increasingly rare in modern cars. Most manufacturers are switching to touchscreens – which perform far worse in a...

a month ago

How touchless user interfaces can amplify the user experience

A touchless UI has an edge over devices that require touch interactions because decreasing physical contact is helpful in diverse...

Sep 27

RT @IIPP_UCL: Our @CouncilonUrban Initiatives project with @UNHABITAT & @LSECities seeks to create green, just, and healthy #cities. Bogotá…

Sep 27

RT @epicpeople_org: "There cannot be responsible AI without a deep social science understanding of the role and impact of AI in society." F…

Sep 15

Ad ottobre inizierà il #master di II livello in #BehaviouralDesign (un anno) Sono disponibili #borsedistudio per s…

Sep 15

Nuovo master di II livello al @PoliTOnews: "Behavioural design - Sistemi interazioni e strategie per il digitale (…