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13 days ago

Experientia speaks at EFUS webinar on insecurity at night

On 24 November Elena Guidorzi, research unit coordinator of Experientia, will speak at the EFUS web conference entitled “Reducing and...

a month ago

Google Health’s human-centred observational study on AI’s real-world problems

The gulf between the technical brilliance claimed for Google’s deep learning model and its real-world application points to a common...

a month ago

Videos online of the anthropology and technology conference

Videos are now available of last month’s Anthropology and Technology conference, dedicated to socially-responsible AI.

a month ago

[Book] Privacy is Power

The first book to call for the end of the data economy. Carissa Veliz exposes how our personal data is giving too much to big tech and...

a month ago

Experientia speaks at Turin’s Technology Biennial

Experientia’s Jan-Christoph Zoels and Mark Vanderbeeken will be part of discussion panels at the upcoming Biennial of Technology in...

a month ago

New course by Experientia Academy

7 day online interactive course with vertical, thematic focus on tools and methods of behavioral design for cultural change to tackle...

a month ago

Remote events (like this one) are terrible. How to fix them and why.

In this talk, Andre Jay Meissner and Fredrik Matheson talk about what we’ve lost, why existing tech and formats are a poor...

a month ago

The Big Home Reboot: IKEA’s Life at Home Report 2020

IKEA just launched its seventh Life at Home Report, exploring how people have grown closer to their homes in this extraordinary year

a month ago

The value of ethnographic research and contextual inquiry

In this article, Lylo Trotta explain the value that both contextual inquiry and ethnographic research provide and discuss why these...

a month ago

How an AI tool for fighting hospital deaths actually worked in the real world

It wasn’t just technical work but also significant social and emotional labor that turned Sepsis Watch, a Duke University...

Nov 24

RT @tonitetorino: How to understand the feeling of insecurity at night and provide innovative solutions and practices to mitigate it? Onlin…

Nov 23

Vaccine hesitancy is all about trust. Fascinating @nytimes profile of and interview with @ProfHeidiLarson, anthrop…

Nov 19

On 24 Nov Elena Guidorzi, research unit coordinator of Experientia, will speak at the @Efusnews web conference enti…

Nov 15

RT @algorithmwatch: Explore the full #AutomatingSociety Report 2020, investigating automated decision-making #ADM in 16 European countries…