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Experientia is seeking a business developer, a senior service designer, a UX researcher and a UX/UI designer
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6 days ago

[Book] Human-Centered Data Science: An Introduction

Best practices for addressing the bias and inequality that may result from the automated collection, analysis, and distribution of large...

6 days ago

[Book] Behavioral Insights

The definitive introduction to the behavioral insights approach, which applies evidence about human behavior to practical problems.

18 days ago

Behavioral science driven public policy “led astray”

Many behavioral scientists propose and test interventions that attack policy problems by seeking to change individual behavior (adopting an...

a month ago

Privacy is a collective concern

It’s easy to assume that because some data is “personal”, protecting it is a private matter. But privacy is both a personal and a...

a month ago

Radical user-centricity, a key RegTech success factor

One of the key success factors of Regulatory Technology (“RegTech”) is a commitment to radical user-centricity, according to a...

a month ago

System 1 vs. System 2 thinking: Why it isn’t strategic to always be rational

People believe that slow and deliberative thinking is inherently superior to fast and intuitive thinking. The truth is more complicated.

a month ago

Internet users are ‘poisoning’ their personal data in the fight against online surveillance

With ‘obfuscation’ or ‘data poisoning,’ they are redoubling their efforts to prevent companies from tracking them...

a month ago

[Book] Livable Proximity

Ezio Manzini’s ideas for the city that cares.

a month ago

Three interviews on UX research and anthropology

The Response-ability Summit, formerly known as the Anthropology + Technology Conference, is a unique two-day event that brings social...

a month ago

Behavioral sciences in the latest IPCC report on the Mitigation of Climate Change

The latest IPCC report on the Mitigation of Climate Change has a lot of meat in it for those engaged in human-centered design, behavioral...

May 23

RT @gquaggiotto: "We are standing on the brink of a world where many of the technologies that surround us might not be built in response to…

May 18

RT @RestartProject: Exciting to see our very own @ugomatic featured in @politico's Tech28: influential people in tech in Europe 👏https://t.…

May 18

Congratulations @ugomatic and @francesca_bria !

May 18

It’s a well-researched oddity of the past few decades is that as technology gets faster, people get slower. Digitis…