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15 days ago

[Book] Anthro-Vision

In an age when the business world is dominated by technology and data analysis, award-winning financial journalist and anthropology PhD...

15 days ago

[Book] Why the world needs anthropologists

Why does the world need anthropology and anthropologists? This collection of essays written by prominent academic, practising and applied...

a month ago

Towards an anthropology of data

Special issue of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

a month ago

Key lessons from Digital Ethnography Summit

In a year in which Covid-19 has forced researchers to resort to online research, what opportunities for the industry exist in digital...

a month ago

New Ars Electronica video series on digital humanism

What does it mean on a practical level to become a digital humanist? ‘User Manual for Digital Humanists’ is a new Ars...

a month ago

The State of User Research 2021

The US based user research recruiting platform “User Interviews” has just published its State of User Research 2021 report,...

a month ago

What’s mine is ours: how consumption is changing

When customers form an emotional attachment or self-identify with a product, that sense of “mine” enhances its luster and keeps them...

a month ago

[Book] A City Is Not a Computer

A bold reassessment of “smart cities” that reveals what is lost when we conceive of our urban spaces as computers

a month ago

Crypto Sentiment Advisor

The Crypto Sentiment Advisor (CSA) is an EIT-Digital supported platform for investors holding cryptocurrencies, to anticipate swings in the...

a month ago

Why insurers need to care more about customers and how to do it in the digital age

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of insurance companies. If insurers apply the e3 lens when assessing their touchpoints,...

May 2

What's the future of interaction design? Short videos by @CdD_torino with @dataisthenewoil, @daemoni, @johnthackara

May 2

Humanizing technology Exhibitions, talks & an internat. conference @CdD_torino

May 2

Humanizing technology Mostra, talk e convegno internazionale al @CdD_torino

Apr 30

RT @johnthackara: What does the future hold for #interaction #design? Thoughts from @ideo chair Tim Brown @tceb62 @cottam @Google Director…