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17 hrs

Remote events (like this one) are terrible. How to fix them and why.

In this talk, Andre Jay Meissner and Fredrik Matheson talk about what we’ve lost, why existing tech and formats are a poor replacement,...

17 hrs

The Big Home Reboot: IKEA’s Life at Home Report 2020

IKEA just launched its seventh Life at Home Report, exploring how people have grown closer to their homes in this extraordinary year

18 hrs

The value of ethnographic research and contextual inquiry

In this article, Lylo Trotta explain the value that both contextual inquiry and ethnographic research provide and discuss why these...

9 days ago

How an AI tool for fighting hospital deaths actually worked in the real world

It wasn’t just technical work but also significant social and emotional labor that turned Sepsis Watch, a Duke University deep-learning...

9 days ago

How constant tech is breaking our brains

Fast Company spoke with tech pioneer Jaron Lanier, Microsoft CVP Emma Williams and Stanford professor Jeremy Bailenson.

16 days ago

Google’s ethnographic research on selfies

The Gogle Wellbeing Lab joined up with the company’s Pixel team to run an ethnographic study across four countries, examining the...

20 days ago

Rethinking human-AI interaction

This essay by AI specialist Jessy Lin explores some of the possibilities to rethink how humans and “intelligent” machines interact...

20 days ago

[Essay] Helsinki Design Lab ten years later

A survey of Helsinki Design Lab’s activities 2008–2013, with reflections on the three “bets” that the Lab made and their relevance...

20 days ago

[Paper] Foresight and Design: New Support for Strategic Decision Making

Integrating design with foresight enables decision makers to contend with changes coming from the world (inbound change) and changes the...

20 days ago

[Paper] Active consumer participation in smart energy systems

Designing energy services with a human-centered approach will allow us to rely on consumers not only as executors of changes in energy...

19 hrs

In this talk, @klick_ass and @movito talk about what we’ve lost with remote events, why existing tech and formats a…

19 hrs

IKEA just launched its seventh Life at Home Report, exploring how people have grown closer to their homes in this e…

20 hrs

ToNite is a project of urban regeneration and innovation in the Aurora and Vanchiglia districts of Turin, Italy, th…

20 hrs

ToNite è un progetto di rigenerazione e innovazione urbana sui quartieri della città di Torino, in prossimità del f…