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8 days ago

The effect of Covid-19 on education in Africa

This report, and the survey findings behind it, provides a unique insight into the perspectives of EdTech experts regarding the impact of...

11 days ago

[Book] The Weirdest People in the World

Provocative and engaging in both its broad scope and its surprising details, The WEIRDest People in the World explores how culture,...

14 days ago

[Book] The Innovation Delusion

The authors offer a compelling plan for how we can shift our focus away from the pursuit of growth at all costs, and back toward neglected...

14 days ago

[Book] Slow computing

Drawing on the ideas of the ‘slow movement’, Slow Computing sets out numerous practical and political means to take back control and...

16 days ago

Nicolas Nova: we have to learn how to domesticate our smartphones

Sur la base d‘une enquête de terrain menée à Genève, Los Angeles et Tokyo, cet ouvrage aborde la dimension proprement anthropologique...

17 days ago

[Book] Engaged: Designing for Behavioral Change

Behavior change design creates entrancing—and effective—products and experiences. Whether you’ve studied psychology or are new to the...

a month ago

Anthropology and technology conference

The Anthropology + Technology conference brings together pioneering technologists and social scientists from across the globe. Its aim is...

a month ago

[Book] Possibilities and challenges of AI for work and society

Artificial Intelligence is permeating a wide range of areas and it is bound to transform work and society. This dossier asks what needs to...

a month ago

Four priorities from the social changes for shaping the post-pandemic world

The social sciences don’t produce much in the way of patentable widgets or, indeed, life-saving vaccines. However, the analysis and...

a month ago

Three reports to helps us address online manipulation

Research has gradually revealed the extent to which online manipulation has been weaponised to affect societies in almost every important...

Sep 17

Very rich in insight. Some counterintuitive conclusions, e.g. people are more radical on the need for climate crisi…

Sep 16

RT @EU_Commission: We will set up a new European Bauhaus – a co-creation space where architects, artists, students, engineers, designers wo…

Sep 14

"Our study concluded that almost half of the blockchain firms show no explicit evidence of the problem to be solved…

Sep 12

We couldn't agree more. We are creating more bubbles and enjoying less empathy.