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Experientia is seeking a senior service designer and a senior UX/UI designer in Basel, Switzerland.
More info on our "about" page (click on "Interested in a career with us").

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18 days ago

UNDP Guide to Deep Listening

This UNDP guide provides step-by-step guidance, practical tools, and hands-on experiences on the process of Deep Listening, including...

a month ago

Robots won’t save Japan’s elderly

Robots Won’t Save Japan addresses the Japanese government’s efforts to develop care robots in response to the challenges of an...

a month ago

Toward best practices for human-centered machine learning

A new area called “human-centered machine learning” (HCML) promises to balance technological possibilities with human needs and...

a month ago

To change system settings, click here

In this white paper (published on 15 February 2023) Demos Helsinki explores how we can rewrite the terms and conditions of our digital...

a month ago

Taking on design thinking and business consulting

Two articles in the last few days took on the world of consulting. Rebecca Ackermann in the MIT Technology Review wrote on how the shine of...

a month ago

Life in a Climate-Impacted Future

The latest annual research from Ericsson ConsumerLab (January 2023) outlines consumers’ concerns, expectations and personal technology...

a month ago

Ericsson on AI ethics

This report by the IndustryLab of Ericsson, the Swedish multinational, aims to introduce the ethics of AI and explore how this fast-growing...

a month ago

Voting, fast and slow

The online voting platform that was used by Italy’s Five Star Movement to select the candidates for the 2013 parliamentary elections...

a month ago

Behavioural change to reduce energy use

Six reports on behavioural change and energy use: potential impact, obstacles, the role of policy makers, and how to best communicate to...

a month ago

<strong>Design for AI: What should people who design AI know?</strong>

Hal Wuertz, Adam Cutler and Milena Pribic of IBM Design defined a unique set of five skills for “AI Design.”

Mar 17

RT @tonitetorino: Inhabitants codesign and manage a public garden, closed for years. Now Giardino Pellegrino, a #ToNite project, proposes a…

Mar 17

RT @tonitetorino: Social innovation practices for urban regeneration 👉🏼 #CititesForum site visit arrived at Giardino Pellegrino, a #ToNite

Mar 15

Co-design: "Everyone seems to be doing it, but our services, policies and systems remain the same! Either co-design…

Feb 24

RT @jms_wright: Delighted to announce that my book, Robots Won't Save Japan: An Ethnography of Eldercare Automation, is now out with Cornel…