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Understanding behaviors.
Designing engaging solutions.

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When understanding the why of people's behaviors becomes a crucial innovation asset.

Putting people first

The Experientia blog

12 days ago

People Going Full Circle – Free Experientia report

Download free Experientia report on the role of consumer behavior in making food purchasing and product packaging more sustainable.

12 days ago

Le persone che chiudono il cerchio – Rapporto gratuito di Experientia

Rapporto gratuito di Experientia sul ruolo del comportamento dei consumatori nel rendere più sostenibile l’acquisto degli alimenti e il...

12 days ago

Digital for Care – Free Experientia report

Download free Experientia report on key trends and design challenges in home and remote care when patient and caregivers use online...

12 days ago

Digital for Care – Rapporto gratuito di Experientia

Rapporto gratuito su tendenze chiave e sfide di design nell’assistenza a domicilio e a distanza quando il paziente e i caregiver...

a month ago

Public deliberation on policies has many advantages

Research shows public deliberation can change participants’ opinions when it comes to public policy. Citizens who participate in...

a month ago

The future of marketing lies in immersive research

It is critical to marry conventional data analytics with a deeper understanding of audience psychology by observing everyday human behavior.

a month ago

[Book] A City Is Not a Computer

A bold reassessment of “smart cities” that reveals what is lost when we conceive of our urban spaces as computers.

a month ago

COVID-19’s psychological burden is associated with antisystemic attitudes and political violence

Research in US, Denmark, Hungary and Italy suggests that the ongoing pandemic places many countries at an increased risk of political...

a month ago

Fake news and conspiracy theories as an evolutionary strategy

Danish social scientist Michael Bang Petersen illuminates the evolutionary foundations and social processes involved in the spread of...

a month ago

The drive for privacy and the difficulty of achieving it in the digital age

People care and act to manage their privacy, but face steep psychological and economic hurdles that make not just desired, but also...

Oct 7

4. On-demand vs Overload 5: Immersion vs Isolation (i.e. ER)…

Oct 7

1. Freedom vs Exposure (i.e. privacy) 2. Personalisation vs Divisio…

Oct 7

Key telco innovation tensions - reflections published on Telefonica's @ThinkBig_open, involving @larsst,…

Oct 6

Rilancio del nostro rapporto gratuito sul design centrato sul paziente nell'assistenza remota e domiciliare nel cas…