Finding entertainment on the go



Inspiring the future of mobile entertainment: a global desk research to identify emerging trends, innovations, and best practices in onboarding, sign-up and consumption in the coming 5 years.

3 things to know

Global reach with local sensitivity

Local researchers from the regions of SE Asia, Asia and Latin America contributed to uncover findings with high relevance for each of their own markets.

A user-driven, visionary focus

Visionary trends were user-driven, meaning that we put users at the center to define what changes in mobile entertainment would potentially have a greater societal and behavioral impact.

Triggers for innovation

From the understanding of the cultural, social dimensions and technologies we gave interaction design directions on how those trends could be meaningfully applied.


In depth

Service mix:


Experientia was asked to explore current, innovative and inspirational best practices in entertainment onboarding and sign-up processes from a global point of view, with an emphasis on Asia and Latin America.


We carried out a research to identify the best practices relevant for mobile entertainment. We gathered over 200 examples of inspiring technology in collaboration with a team of local researchers from India, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and Latin America. Following the research, we developed a trend analysis, looking at consumer behaviors, cultural clues and technology developments with a possible impact in mobile entertainment in the year 2022.


We imagined how those trends may have an impact on Netflix. After an in-house ideation session, we selected 39 inspirational ideas to sparkle the creativity of the design team at Netflix. The short ideas looked at design solutions for the onboarding, use and consumption of mobile entertainment