Service design


Just like our product and interface design process, our service design is based on solid research insights, and is thoroughly prototyped and tested. We design service solutions that meet expectations, are easy and enjoyable to use, and service touchpoints that satisfy your customers.

Metods & tools

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Customer journey mapping

Explore people's current experience with your product or service, their interactions, feelings and expectations, as well as their ideal experiences and flows.


Based on research insights, we build personalized stories that illustrate concepts and opportunities, and help to shape, test and validate the design of your product and service concepts.

Service blueprints

Our research and design teams map out the customer journey of the user through the steps of a service, and all of the interactions that make that journey possible.

Business modeling

Our researchers and designers develop potential business models based on qualitative and quantitative research insights.


Our researchers and designers work together to generate ideas for your product or service. These are often based on the pain points and opportunities emerging from the fieldwork.

Concept development

In workshops with clients and stakeholders, or in internal teams, we develop opportunities into concepts that can be prototyped and tested.

Design prototyping

We develop a simulation of your service that can be tested with your target audience.

Stakeholder mapping

Understand how your stakeholders interact and influence each other's actions, and how they can affect the development of your project.