Business strategy design


Evaluate and grow your business concept with our practical business strategy design tools and methods.

Metods & tools

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Behavioral change strategy

We create research-based models of what drives people's behaviors, and ways to nudge or guide them to new behaviors.

Choice architecture design

Understand and influence how your customers make decisions related to your product or service.

Stakeholder mapping

Understand how your stakeholders interact and influence each other's actions, and how they can affect the development of your project.

UX roadmap

We create an action plan to reach your product or service goals, with clear instructions on how to prioritize and implement stages.

Value chain analysis

See how value for your customers can be added to the processes and interactions that make up your service.

Market landscape research

Understand the landscape of a new market, whether you're considering a new product offering, market segment or region.

Design strategy

We develop design strategies for companies and governments based on qualitative research insights.

Competitor analysis

Understand your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and where your product or service stands with your audience.

Market entry strategy

Ensure your market entry strategies is based on real contexts and challenges, with our comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research.