We create a visual representation of the features and interactions of your website or app. Wireframes display the functional elements of the pages, their location in the interface and their hierarchy.

Content audit

Understand and evaluate the content on your current site content before undergoing a redesign.

Card sorting

Gain insight on how your audience would label and classify your content. This is particularly relevant to projects that are content-heavy or have complex information architecture.


To get it right from the start, we use sitemaps to plan the information architecture and content flow of your website.

Stakeholder interviews

We ensure that your expert knowledge is included in the foundational research materials, through interviews with your internal stakeholders.

Stakeholder mapping

Understand how your stakeholders interact and influence each other’s actions, and how they can affect the development of your project.

Design prototyping

We develop a simulation of your service that can be tested with your target audience.

Concept development

In workshops with clients and stakeholders, or in internal teams, we develop opportunities into concepts that can be prototyped and tested.