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Experientia is seeking a senior service designer and a senior UX/UI designer in Basel, Switzerland.
More info on our "about" page (click on "Interested in a career with us").

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5 days ago

[Book] Voices in the Code

In Voices in the Code, scholar David G. Robinson tells the story of how one community built a life-and-death algorithm in a relatively...

5 days ago

[Book] The Human Side of Innovation

PepsiCo’s award-winning chief design officer reveals the secret to creating life-changing innovations: putting human needs at the center...

5 days ago

2022 HAI Fall Conference on AI in the Loop: Humans in Charge

At the “AI in the Loop: Humans in Charge” conference, which took place Nov. 15 at Stanford University, panelists proposed a new...

7 days ago

Social science research for a French home improvement retailer

Leroy Merlin is a French-headquartered home improvement and gardening retailer. Its Leroy Merlin Source (LMS) platform aims to create and...

7 days ago

To understand uses of personal data in the present, people draw on the past and imagine the future

The collection and analysis of data about us now occurs across many aspects of everyday life, but how do people come to understand these...

7 days ago

Interviews in the social sciences – A Nature Reviews Methods Primer

In this Nature Reviews Method Primer, Eleanor Knott, Aliya Hamid Rao, Kate Summers & Chana Teeger off the London School of...

7 days ago

Ethnographic research in data centers

Data centers are destroying the natural world, writes anthropologist Steven Gonzalez Monserrate in Wired. But is the cloud an inherently...

7 days ago

Nielsen Norman Group on the usability of AR

AR features in mobile apps are plagued by usability issues such as poor discoverability and findability of items with AR, low-visibility...

8 days ago

No amount of hype and starry-eyed Metaverse proselytising can escape reality

The metaverse will be a digital graveyard if we let new technologies distract us from today’s problems

10 days ago

Climate change and human behaviour

This Focus of Nature Magazine, a collaboration between Nature Human Behaviour and Nature Climate Change, features a broad range of Review...

Nov 24

In "Voices in the Code" scholar @dgrobinson tells the story of how a community built a life-and-death algorithm in…

Nov 24

[Book] The Human Side of Innovation: The Power of People in Love with People @PepsiCo's award-winning chief design…

Nov 24

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Nov 24

At StanfordU's "AI in the Loop: Humans in Charge" conference, panelists proposed a new definition of human-centered…