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5 days ago

Videos online of “Humanizing technology through design” conference

Curated by Experientia partner Jan-Christoph Zoels and Sara Fortunati, director of the Torino Circle of Design, the conference dealt with...

8 days ago

The incompatibility of Nudge and Co-Design as tools for policymaking

The use of nudge theory to inform policy interventions in response to COVID-19 has re-opened debates over the politically paternalistic...

a month ago

The role of UX: 2020 benchmark study report and analysis

UXmatters and the UX research consultancy User Fountain recently teamed up to survey UX professionals around the world on the role of User...

a month ago

AI still sucks at moderating hate speech

But scientists are getting better at measuring where each system fails.

a month ago

Human behaviour: what scientists have learned about it from the pandemic

Several Covid-19 policies have shown “just how deeply some governments distrust their citizens. As if the virus was not enough, the...

a month ago

The potential of behavioural interventions for optimising energy use at home

Individuals and households can adopt a variety of measures to optimise their energy consumption, writes Elisabatta Cornago of the...

a month ago

[Report] Behavioural insights for demand-side energy policy and programmes

During its first year of activity, the Behavioural Insights Platform of the UsersTCP, with the IEA (International Energy Agency), has...

a month ago

Top 10 books of everyday social anthropology

Gillian Tett, anthropologist and chair of the US editorial board of the Financial Times, has published – in the Guardian – her...

a month ago

Review and insight on the behavioral aspects of cybersecurity

Since the majority of cyber incidents are human enabled, this shift requires expanding research to underexplored areas such as behavioral...

a month ago

Understanding the human aspects of cyber security

CyberBitsEtc. is a website and blog by Ganna Pogrebna (Professor of Behavioural Economics and Data Science, Fellow at the Alan Turing...

Jul 26

RT @BogieZero: Now watching “Humanizing Technology through Design — Molly Wright Steenson” ~ HT @_experientia

Jul 25

Curated by Jan-Christoph Zoels (Experientia) and Sara Fortunati (@CdD_torino), the conference was structured into s…

Jul 17

Series on @culanth with reflections by tech anthropologists - curated by @LindseyWWallace Contributions by Torin Jo…