Ethnography Share Understand your customers’ attitudes and behaviors through ethnography. Our qualitative research methods provide you with comprehensive insight into why your customers act the way they do in specific contexts, and how it impacts your business. Through in-depth research in and out of the field, we uncover the attitudes, beliefs and contexts that influence […]

Behavioral modeling

Behavioral modeling

Behavioral modeling Share Use behavioral modeling to transform your customer insights into cognitive, practical and holistic frameworks that can be widely shared and applied. Metods & tools All Post Persona modeling Get to know your customers’ typical attitudes, expectations, aspirations and behaviors, through personas based on qualitative in-depth research. Task analysis Gain an in-depth understanding […]

User experience testing

User experience testing

User experience testing Share Through usability testing methods and heuristic evaluation, we make sure that product and service designs are market-ready, before implementation begins. Our iterative rounds of testing and prototyping refine the design based on testing feedback, to eliminate issues and help to reach best practices. Metods & tools All Post Heuristic evaluation Our […]

Summative evaluations

People carry out task-based activities to identify pain points, usability issues and points of excellence in your interface.

Formative evaluations

Shape your interface design process by involving users in identifying best practices and potential pain points found in similar designs.

Multivariate testing

See how customers react to changes before you implement them, with comparative versions of design elements and copy.

Heuristic evaluation

Our experts assess your website or platform and highlight best practices, pain points or usability issues, and recommend improvements.

Behavioral economics

We use behavioral economics principles to understand and design for people’s natural habits in systems and marketplaces.

Cognitive modeling

Our frameworks illustrate people’s thought processes in given contexts, showing critical moments where design can have an impact on their behaviors.