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The Yellow Swan

Packaging upgrade for Chinese food producer


Qualitative research to better understand food and drink consumption


Redesigning the visitors’ museum experience

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Packaging upgrade for Chinese food producer

The Yellow Swan

The Yellow Swan is a new Chinese food company committed to the highest quality standards of egg production. Building on the Japanese practice of eating raw eggs in the morning, Yellow Swan produces high quality eggs to be eaten raw.

The company aims to build world-class high-quality egg leadership brand based on innovative technology, equipment, and production management models.

3 things to know

  1. Packaging design explores the core value of the brand - The core value of the brand is quickly and immediately communicated to consumers through the packaging.

  2. Pictographic graphics logo design builds new brand identity - We simplify the shape of swan and yolk to make it more friendly and geometric. Creative and easy to identify.

  3. Different sales platform use different packaging design - We designed different packaging for different sales platforms to maintain the unity of the visual system.

The project involved a concept development phase to solve specific packaging design needs of the brand. We developed 2 main packaging design concepts from supportive visuals and content to a precise brand message. The aim was to develop a concept that provides a distinct design solution and effortless effectiveness on multiple levels, is unique, and stands out from retail shelfs. Experientia redefined the overall brand visual identity and strategy in terms of brand’s core values, brand voice, and brand messaging architecture, and then developed the production ready design specifications of the instore, online and gift packaging.

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