Customer experience insights to innovation

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Customer experience insights to innovation Deutsche Telekom (Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia) Share Experientia has been commissioned by Deutsche Telekom to conduct multiple research activities aimed at envisioning opportunities for new products and services development with diverse time horizons. 3 things to know Improve Deutsche Telekom customer’s home experience Expand upon the range of Deutsche Telekom clients and reshape its existing customer home business. Multi-horizon innovation strategy Identify new business opportunities both for incremental innovation and as opportunities around future needs and trends. Design best practice guideline for CX research Involve internal stakeholders and share project outcomes as a strategic roadmap for innovation research at Deutsche Telekom. Gallery User scenarios User scenarios Insights clustering Workshop day Workshop day In depth Service mix: Design thinking Participatory design Service design Ethnography Useful links: Link External link Context Since home consumer behaviors and needs change over time influenced by various factors such as technological advancements, economic conditions, cultural trends, and individual preferences it is important to keep and a human-centered approach in order to understand if we are addressing the evolving needs and expectations and understanding how to improve existing experiences and design new ones also in the long term. Challenge Identify customer experience strategy that evolves home consumer business opportunities and improves customer experience. Research Experientia has started by conducting stakeholder interviews and hypothesis workshop to define research directions and align with Deutsche Telekom stakeholders. Social media listening activity has coupled with a market and trend research to understand macro phenomenon and identify weak signals, emerging practices and major trends that may have local impact. Expert interviews have been conducted to understand their perspective of the changing customer needs, while in-home customer and lead user interviews helped to understand users behavior and observe emerging behaviors respectively. Design Experientia has analyzed the emerging research information and identified relevant insights. The interview insights have been prioritized using customized analysis-based design tools. Thematic insights have helped to identify moments that matter during customer experience. This information has determined a relevant impact in problem reframing and subsequently in creating initial opportunities, that serves as a basis to shape innovative concepts and value propositions for improving existing experience and shaping new solutions. Impact Experientia created 10 innovative concept value propositions that include added value for current CX, products, service and future products and services experiences. for improving customer experience to successfully defend/reshape business efforts and increase footprint in the homes and minds of Deutsche Telekom customers. Link External link Related projects All Services Behavioral design Research and assessment Strategy Consumer technology Buttonless: engaging users in interactions with keyless devices Brand UXConsumer technology European car aesthetics: Unveiling preferences and values Brand UXConsumer technology Mobile Privacy UX Go back to our portfolio