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Interaction design


Service design


Participatory design

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Interaction design

Bring your concepts and products to life with our award-winning interaction design. We provide a full suite of interaction design services, from wireframing to detailed 3D modeling.

Methods & Tools


Our researchers and designers work together to generate ideas for your product or service. These are often based on the pain points and opportunities emerging from the fieldwork.

Concept development

In workshops with clients and stakeholders, or in internal teams, we develop opportunities into concepts that can be prototyped and tested.

Interactive prototyping

Experience your product in action, and get feedback from real users on your customer journey.


Based on research insights, we build personalized stories that illustrate concepts and opportunities, and help to shape, test and validate the design of your product and service concepts.

Design patterns

All the design assets you need to ensure strong, consistent design when you expand on projects. This deliverable ensures that clients are able to independently tweak and expand design projects.

Information visualization

We design print and digital visualizations adapted to your project needs, whether it's an interactive infographic to share with your audience or a conference poster.

Interface design

Bring your product vision to life with our award-winning interface design.

Design specifications

Ensure the quality of your product with design specifications, a document which provides explicit and actionable information on how the product should be designed.

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