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Improving a UN learning platform

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Improving a UN learning platform


The International Labor Organization (ILO) engaged Experientia to redefine the information architecture and content strategy of their global e-learning platforms. Through iterated research, participatory design and prototyping, we provided a holistic solution that integrates their learning platforms in a cohesive and user-friendly system.

3 things to know

  1. Experientia redefined the International Labor Organization’s global e-learning experience, providing a flexible and user-friendly way to share knowledge.

  2. Through the Common Design Platform, we integrated multiple legacy systems into a seamless learning experience for both content managers and those seeking training.

  3. The main platform is now undergoing development, while the e-learning mobile site and training toolkit are live and actively being used by ITC-ILO staff.

Experientia addressed the challenge of integrating multiple legacy platforms into a seamless learning experience for activity managers and those seeking knowledge and training. Our solution encompasses three cross-functional platforms guided by a single activity planning process.

Common Design Platform: A tool for flexible activity planning and learning
The Common Design Platform is a tool created for ITC-ILO staff who are activity managers. This tool allows activity planners to:

  • Design, organize and share learning activities and materials
  • Find and reuse learning materials, curricula and modules
  • Develop cross-curriculum activities

Due to the complexity of modules and parameters offered by ILO, we also designed a smart filtering system that allows users to easily search and browse for specific content.

The prototype is currently undergoing the development process, and will be implemented by ILO in the near future.

Experientia has worked with ITC-ILO on several other projects, like the mini site, and the redesign of online training tools repository, The Compass.

A responsive site for learning on-the-go
A mobile-first site was developed as an internal communications tool to showcase best practices for mobile learning.
The site focuses on three key advantages of mobile learning: (1) improved ability to engage participants with dynamic and lasting contact; (2) more opportunities to share knowledge, from one to many, and from many to many; and (3) the ability to access to expertise and resources on-the-go.

In addition to designing the site, we also developed content and promotional materials to engage users. The site is optimized for iOS and Android, offering an excellent user experience from mobile and tablet, as well as desktop.

The Compass : An online repository of training tools and methods
The Compass site is an online toolkit consisting of 60 training tools and methodologies and serves as a resource hub for activity planners across the organization.

Experientia conducted a complete redesign of the ITC-ILO methods library (the Compass) of tools that can be used during training sessions and in the field.

The new site updates the visual look and feel of the Compass tool, significantly improves the information architecture ensuring that methods are easily to find, and offers more contextual guidance for the application of tools and methodologies.

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