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Mattia Della Libera

Strategic designer


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Mattia Della Libera

Strategic designer

It always seems impossible until is done.

Mattia Della Libera has a master's degree in relational design from Abadir where his final project was on how spiritual communities in Italy use social media to spread their creed. He worked for six months with Casa Jasmina designing a User Research approach based on social media. He has a bachelor's degree in industrial design from IUAV university, Venice, and he spent two years at the Turin Polytechnic University studying themes like the circular economy and systemic thinking. His final project was a theoretical proposal of a visual language to visualize networks based on network structural properties (between centrality, clustering coefficients, etc.) In his spare time, he tries to understand emerging digital technology to help him think about new digital services, experience and society. Trend alert: privacy-centered design and service design for decentralized organizations.

It always seems impossible until is done.

What is happiness to you?

Working with good people and at the end of the day drinking a huge beer together.

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How suffering from a panic attack saved my life.