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Luisa Miolano

UX & Interaction Designer


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Luisa Miolano

UX & Interaction Designer

Fail often, fail fast, but always fail forward

Luisa is a UX and Interaction designer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in communication sciences from the University of Trieste, which included a 10 months visiting studentship at Denmark’s Roskilde University, and a Master’s degree in Interaction Design and Visual Communication from Sapienza University of Rome. Before joining Experientia, she worked for seven years in the world of digital communication for startups and communication agencies as UX/UI Designer and Digital Project Manager. In her professional career she designed B2B and B2C digital apps and websites for brands like Toyota, Ford, Coop, Fox and Unicef. She helped redesign Coop’s cooperative platform in Central Italy, working for a year through various co-design sessions and facilitating stakeholder workshops to create a marketing automation platform profiled along users’ interests, with a data-driven approach. In 2018 she was professor of “User Interface Design” in the Interaction Design BA at Quasar Institute of Advanced Design in Rome. In 2019 she began to collaborate with the "ITS Foundation for ICT Piedmont" as teacher of the “UX Design Laboratory” and tutored students in their final project writing in the course of “Interaction & visual design”. Through her various professional and teaching experiences Luisa developed the idea that designing means sharing and communicating knowledge and ideas and she works constantly to improve her design and co-design processes. She works through several validation cycles and in continuous dialogue with project stakeholders to produce an effective delivery and create familiar environments where, as Steve Krug says, users don't have to think”. Her recent work includes design a new credit granting application for Intesa Sanpaolo with the Scrum methodology and taking part into a public research project, called Casa Nel Parco (CaNP) with the aim of proposing solutions for e-health home hospitalization.

Fail often, fail fast, but always fail forward

Where do you find inspiration?

Listening intently to people's stories and imagining myself in their shoes.

What’s your superpower?

To look at life with an ironic soul (even in the worst situations) and think that every experience improves us, and eventually enjoy a drink remembering it.

Finish the sentence: "I could talk for hours about..."

Travel through countries and cultures and learn to see the world from new perspectives.