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Giorgia Franco

Project Manager


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Giorgia Franco

Project Manager

Dance, dance… otherwise, we are lost - Pina Bausch

Giorgia holds an MSc in Environmental Communication at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and a BA in Communication Sciences from the University of Turin (Università degli Studi di Torino). She has worked within the marketing and advertising field across different industries, managing digital creative projects, web platforms, and interactive storytelling experiences. Projects which Giorgia has managed within the automotive industry include the Alfa Romeo USA corporate website, its communication projects, and the contents live-streamed during the Super Bowl in 2017. She led the development and implementation of the back office platform of Mopar Accessories and its integration with the Car Configurator of the FCA EMEA market brands. Other tasks that Giorgia has managed include UX/UI projects for the Italian Public Administration and 3D video animation for food & beverage international companies. She has gained account management and strategic planning skills for video production projects, and aside from her career, she has developed personal interests in environmental issues, digital innovation projects, new technology trends, food, and wine industries. Giorgia’s outspoken and curious personality, together with a natural tendency towards making connections, guide her in envisioning projects and exploring new challenges.

Dance, dance… otherwise, we are lost - Pina Bausch

What's one technology you'd like to invent?

Teleportation. From an early age, I have wanted to invent this. It would probably destroy all perception of space and time, but I am curious about the possibility of transporting time and space in a horizontal dimension.

What's your dream design challenge?

Mobility. I want to design a collaborative, integrated, and understandable mobility infrastructure for a city or region — something that would address all aspects of the environment, citizens, tourists, and modes of transportation.

What's your favorite word?

Emotional intelligence