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Help CVS in their goal to “Deeply penetrate the minds of our customers so that we have an empathic understanding of the projects we must undertake to transform the CVS Pharmacy Experience”.


Conceptualise the pharmacy of the future, by creating an insightful and empathic understanding of customers’ current pharmacy experiences.


USA, Italy, the UK and Germany, in stores, communities, healthcare environments, entertainment venues, and alternative health experiences.


Trend identification, ethnographic research, contextual observations, interviews, opportunity maps, personas, video scenarios, concept generation.


A selection of the design concepts have been implemented in select pharmacies where they are now being tested with customers.

Pharmacy of the future

CVS Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in the world. The company asked Experientia to expand their innovation process through a better understanding of what the current pharmacy experience looks like and in helping them to conceptualise the pharmacy of the future. This included extensive ethnographic research in pharmacies in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The project led to generation of concepts and design solutions for a number of customer touchpoints — from in-store to technology enabled interactions.

CVS wanted to transform the company from a provider of health products and services to a “healing and wellness centre with a focus on customer empowerment, vitality and active longevity”.

They asked a team of design companies, including Experientia, to create an insightful and empathic understanding of the customers’ current pharmacy experience, and to help conceptualise the pharmacy experience of the future, in order to inform their strategic vision.

Experientia worked together with the Launch Institute (USA) and the Design Academy (USA), dividing research into geographical areas, with the work of Experientia focusing on the European market. To gain a full picture of the current context, background research was carried out on US and European trends in healthcare and pharmacies.

In addition to reviewing primary and secondary research provided by CVS, the teams conducted ethnographic observations in the USA, Italy, the UK and Germany; contextual interviews with pharmacists and customers; and observation of stores, communities, healthcare environments, entertainment venues, and alternative health experiences.

In a series of country explorations, the teams detailed key insights about cultures of healing and pharmacy experiences in Italy, Germany, UK, America, Colombia and Peru, and India.

Experientia then developed a series of persona archetypes based on home interviews and shop-along visits, and supported by community ethnography interviews.

The idea generation phase involved looking at key change levers to achieve the CVS experience vision. Experientia conducted co-creative brainstorming sessions around insights from the European research.

We also created an opportunity map focusing on business models, store design, connection to people, empathic employees and new products.

Research partner the Launch Institute created a portfolio of Visionary Concepts arranged into clusters of customer behaviours. These covered areas such as shop design, work flows and processes, client/pharmacist relationships and community roles.

The persona archetypes from the understanding phase were developed into four video scenarios based on perceived needs and desires regarding different phases in visiting pharmacies.

Experientia also explored a text message system to answer client inquiries. We developed a functional mobile software prototype that demonstrated intuitive ways of offering clients information on shop locations, and medical definitions and translations.

The testing component of the project included heuristic evaluation, scenario testing, usability testing, pre-launch analysis and post-implementation assessment.

Final deliverables
At the end of the project, CVS was provided with:
– over 26 healthcare and consumer trends
– insights from the empathic market research
– user profiles and video scenario prototypes
– concept validation
– functional mobile software prototypes