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Create a completely new website for Max Mara that conveys the company vision.


Beautiful and engaging website for Max Mara, Italian haute-couture fashion label, with accompanying mobile application.




Stakeholder interviews, information architecture, wireframes, interaction and layout design, templates of the website, translation of content, modular design for twice-yearly new collections.

Fashion website

Experientia designed a new website, with accompanying mobile applications, for Max Mara, an Italian haute couture fashion label for independently minded women. Experientia carried out a range of interviews to understand company needs to transfer the company philosophy into a completely new website, which launched in September 2009.

Experientia conducted interviews with Max Mara international store managers, as well as key internal staff members (retail marketing manager, product manager, P.R. and communication manager, head of design and fashion director), to understand what was needed to transform the company philosophy into a completely new website.

This included detailed questions on customer profiles and store behaviours, expectations for the site and Max Mara values and experiences. Card-sorting exercises were also conducted with the internal staff members, to define labelling and placement of content for the new site.

In addition, Experientia staff members visited the Max Mara fashion archives — the history and style of Max Mara became the main source of inspiration for the graphic design and content.

Experientia proposed an editorial approach for the website, in which the content categories are visible at all times. This novel approach has resulted in a site that showcases the entire universe of Max Mara, and offers people a high level of interaction with the content, for example, saving favourite looks in a private space, or sharing them with friends.

After developing the concept, Experientia defined the architecture and the navigation experience (interaction design) of the site, in a set of wireframes that were used to gain consensus on the final content from the various stakeholders within Max Mara.

The visual look of the site was designed in close collaboration with Claudio dell’Olio, art director of the Max Mara Magazine, to ensure that the Max Mara style was always well-represented graphically.

Experientia proposed a number of very different graphic options, and then worked with Max Mara on selecting and finalising the best.

In addition, a set of mobile applications were designed, which extends the experience by accessing the website from a smart phone, taking advantage of iPhone technology to create engaging interactions with the collections and parts of the website.

Experientia also oversaw the translation of the site from Italian into English and Japanese, guaranteeing consistency in the experience in all three languages.

The fashion collections were prototyped in Flash, allowing people to interact with them in a more dynamic and animated manner.

Final product
Online now at MaxMara.com, the final website is a beautiful and engaging experience of the Max Mara brand, available in three languages. The final design offers the visitor the possibility to discover the richness of the brand through interesting and original navigation techniques.

Some of the new features of the site include: the possibility to navigate the Max Mara collections through an interactive game that invites visitors to express their mood, and see related looks; a fashion blog where Max Mara insiders give people a behind-the-scenes look at fashion; a community with personalised services; video maker remixes of runways and backstage; travel diaries and advice on some of the world’s coolest places. Particular attention has been paid to the usability of the site, offering simple and intuitive navigation.