Experientia s.r.l

We are an international experience design consultancy

With the behaviours and contexts of people driving our designs, we create product and service experiences that really matter.

Challenges you face

Innovate products and services

Innovating is about more than just having a good idea. It’s about creating something that your customers will really value.

Our people-driven methodology identifies opportunity gaps in the market, by in-depth analysis of people’s behaviours, mental models and needs. We also use benchmarking, mystery shopping, contextual observations and shadowing to understand the industry state-of-the art.

In our analysis phase, we develop personas, scenarios, opportunity maps, roadmaps and strategies, to understand the findings

Once we have identified the innovation spaces available, we develop a range of targeted concepts, illustrated through storyboards, videos, and prototypes.

Whether its old products made new, new ideas for established brands, or exploring the future of an industry, innovation that is focused on users leads to those iconic products and services that people love.