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With the behaviours and contexts of people driving our designs, we create product and service experiences that really matter.

Our perspectives


Since the company started, Experientia has created UX projects that go beyond the traditional technology-based consumer product areas, including the automotive industry, health, luxury yachts, urban planning and sustainability. Here, we turn the spotlight on some of these themes, sharing what we've learned, and where we think these industries are going.

Our Spotlights will change over time, to explore whatever issues and ideas we're thinking about, so keep coming back.


Experientia presents “BancoSmart”, the innovative ATM interface designed for UniCredit Bank

The user-centred approach is moving into finance, as banks increasingly connect to their customers’ needs and wants. As […]


Experientia rivoluziona la user experience degli ATM con “BancoSmart”, l’innovativa interfaccia degli ATM UniCredit

Le banche stanno cercando sempre più di entrare in sintonia con le esigenze ed i desideri dei propri […]


Creating together:
Building value with participatory design

Participatory design is one of Experientia’s strongest people-centred design methodologies, as well as one of our favourites. We’ve […]


Designing for
Emerging Markets

Opening up the world In emerging and developing markets, products and services that we consider conveniences often become […]


New luxury market:
Experience-driven yachting

Designing for the new luxury market – experience-driven yachting For most of us, the word “yacht” conjures up […]

A road(map) to sustainability: How an Expo centre can become low-impact

A road(map) to sustainability:
How an Expo centre can become low-impact

Also see our Event project description. The Event project, funded by Flanders In Shape (FIS), a Flemish design […]


Designing for
sustainable change

Designing for sustainability-focused behavioural change is a vital issue, which needs to be addressed at a multitude of […]


Experiencing the
Web of Things

Designing for trust and value in a digital/physical world As the virtual and the physical converge more and […]


Involving people in
Co-creating Value

Empowering people through transparency and participatory design By designing with people instead of for people we create products […]


The qualities of
Slow life

Re-imagining products and services to improve our quality of life Experientia’s vision of Slow Life is as a […]