Philips Experience Lab
The Philips Research magazine provides some more insight in the Philips HomeLab (videos) , CareLab and ShopLab, now grouped under the heading “Experience Research”:

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t contain a lot of news, but it is a nice summary of where Philips is at.

“What will our world look like in ten years? What technologies are round the corner? These are the questions everyone gets asked when you tell someone that you work at Philips. But Philips is asking different questions. Not what can we have, but what do we need? Do people actually want this technology and what should it do? What benefit does it give them? And they are using their ExperienceLab to make sure.

ExperienceLab is the embodiment of Sense & Simplicity: developing technology not for technology’s sake, but to create products that enhance people’s lives in a meaningful way. It’s about listening to our customers and consumers to understand what motivates them, what they want and what they really need. This is the goal of ‘experience research’, with the existing HomeLab, and its new sisters – CareLab and ShopLab.”

Download background (pdf, 559 kb, 3 pages)