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13 October 2015
Experientia report: Design for ageing gracefully

Design for Ageing Gracefully Rethinking Health and Wellness for the Elderly: Public Services Asian Insights & Design Innovation, DesignSingapore Council October 2015

29 September 2015
[Experientia book] Ethnography on elderly health and wellness

As we age, we increasingly depend on public services and the community for support. Well-designed public services can greatly affect the lives of the elderly and their experiences of healthcare. Experientia collaborated with DesignSingapore Council on understanding how the elderly interact with public services and how we can look towards improving their lives with design. […]

2 July 2015
Getting citizens involved in protecting fragile energy environments

A new project funded under the FP7 European Commission framework is getting citizens involved in testing new tools for reducing energy consumption during peak loads, in the hope that its pilot program will set the new state of the art for protecting locations with fragile electricity supplies. One of France’s most fragile regions The Provence-Alpes-Côte […]

5 May 2015
Experientia designer Dohun YuLuck Jang 유록 in Design 4 Disaster

Design 4 Disaster features an engaging illustrated safety manual for ship passengers, a personal project by Experientia designer Dohun YuLuck Jang 유록. After the Korean ferry accident last year, Yuluck (who is Korean) wanted to find a way to make safety manuals more interesting to read. He spent one year designing an interactive safety guide […]

16 March 2015
Better Health and Wellbeing: Giving the elderly in Singapore sparkling golden years

Invitation: sharing session, Singapore, 30 March 2015   What are the hopes and fears of the elderly in Singapore? How can designers offer solutions that support the elderly in managing their health and wellness? What can healthcare professionals do to help them keep active? What role can technology play in the elderly’s daily lives? Design consultants […]

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
30 October 2012
Google and the UX challenge of augmented reality

The new Google FieldTrip app probes the question: What digital information do you want to see overlaid on the physical world? A challenge that Bruce Sterling describes as “‘experience design’ problems”. Alexis G. Madrigal explores it in The Atlantic: “If you pick up a book, do you see a biography of its author, an analysis […]

4 April 2012
The UK Government’s digital design principles, alpha release

The UK Government has published an alpha release of its digital design principles with examples of how they have been used so far. 1. Start with needs 2. Do less 3. Design with data 4. Do the hard work to make it simple 5. Iterate. Then iterate again. 6. Build for inclusion 7. Understand context […]

21 March 2012
Futurescapes – imagining what the world will look like in 2025

FutureScapes, an open collaboration project by Sony and Forum for the Future, aims to bring together a range of expert thinkers, designers, futurologists, writers (including those from The Economist’s Intelligence Unit and Wired Magazine) and you – the public – to explore the opportunities and challenges of life in 2025, and to consider the potential […]

17 March 2012
The origins of futurism

Bruce Sterling, the celebrated science fiction writer and author of Tomorrow Now, explains why you don’t need to be clairvoyant to predict the future. The article is part of the Futurism series in Smithsonian Magazine. “The fifth and final method [to forecast the future] is the most effective of all. If individuals have never encountered […]

25 October 2011
Audio of EPIC 2011 presentations – keynotes by Dubberly and Sterling

The organisers of the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry (EPIC 2011) conference have posted audio of the keynotes and most of the presentations. The conference took place in Boulder, Colorado on 18-21 September. Keynotes Opening keynote: On models Hugh Dubberly, founder of Dubberly Design Office Closing keynote: On radical evolution Bruce Sterling, writer, provocateur, futurist, design […]

16 June 2011
Open Source Architecture (OSArc)

Domus Magazine has published an op-ed advocating a different approach to designing space – to succeed the single-author model – that includes tools from disparate sources to create new paradigms for thinking and building The contributors included Paola Antonelli (MoMA), Adam Bly (Seed Media Group), Lucas Dietrich, Joseph Grima (Domus Magazine), Dan Hill (Sitra), John […]

8 May 2011
Augmented Reality and transitioning out of the legacy internet

Tish Shute of Ugotrade interviews Bruce Sterling ahead of the Augmented Reality Event, where Bruce is a keynote speaker. As Bruce Sterling points out, Augmented Reality is “truly a child of the twenty-teens, a genuine digital native,” and one visible indication that …the Internet really could look like a “legacy.” “The Legacy Internet as an […]

4 March 2011
Videos of Interaction 11 keynotes

Videos are now available for all seven Interaction11 keynote presentations. Interaction is a yearly conference organised by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). The 2011 conference took place on February 9-12 in Boulder, Colorado. – Bill Verplank (opening keynote) [1:02:38] – Brenda Laurel [47:45] – Bruce Sterling (closing keynote) [45:09] – Eric Hersman, Ushahidi [33:04] – […]

15 February 2011
Documentary highlights how Programma 101 put people first

The upcoming documentary Programma 101 – Memory of the Future by Alessandro Bernard and Paolo Ceretto, celebrates Olivetti’s invention of the first personal desktop computer, back in 1965, and the wide implications it has had since. Video reflections by Bruce Sterling, Massimo Banzi (of the Arduino), Mario Bellini and others are already online. When Italian […]

13 December 2010
Designing for collaborative consumption

Michelle Thorne, international project manager at Creative Commons, spoke at TEDxKreuzberg on Designing for Collaborative Consumption. She posted her slides and speaking notes online. Important characteristics of Collaborative Consumption: Critical Mass Firstly, you need enough goods or services on offer to make the platform attractive enough for users. Supply draws more demand. Couchsurfing isn’t going […]

3 November 2010
Computational objects with information shadows

Mike Kuniavsky, writer, designer, researcher and entrepreneur and co-founder of both ThingM, an electronic hardware design, development and manufacturing company, and Adaptive Path, has written a new book: “Smart Things: Ubiquitous Computing User Experience Design (already previously featured on Putting People First). In a post on Boing Boing, he delves into the topic of designing […]

30 September 2010
What does the Internet of Things mean for UX people?

Last week, the Sixth European Information Architecture Summit took place in Paris, and all the presentations are already online. Here are a few that caught my attention: Design Beyond the Glowing Rectangle: User experience design and research implications of the Internet of Things Claire Rowland & Chris Browne, Fjord, UK The key challenges we think […]

15 July 2010
University and Cyberspace conference videos online

A few weeks ago the Communia conference University and Cyberspace took place here in Torino, Italy, with a focus on “reshaping knowledge institutions for the networked age”. Speakers included Massimo Banzi, Joy Ito, David Orban, Bruce Sterling, and many others. The international conference, which is the conclusion and culmination of the Communia Thematic Network project […]

14 February 2010
Conversations in a weekend village — Interaction10 impressions

Written by Experientia partner Jan-Christoph Zoels. Interaction10 is over. Four days of presentations, workshops, games, installations stimulated vivid exchanges of ideas and reflections on the changing landscape of interaction design. Hosted in beautiful downtown Savannah by the international Interaction Design Association and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), the conference set the stage for […]

1 February 2010
The Internet of things: Networked objects and smart devices

Constantine Valhouli, principal of the Massachusetts based Hammersmith Group, which consults to developers on the marketing and branding of luxury properties, and to city leaders on reviving historical downtowns, just published an overview of the potential for connected devices entitled “The Internet of things: Networked objects and smart devices.” It quotes Rob Faludi, Julian Bleecker, […]

16 January 2010
Good: the Slow Issue

Good, the collaborative magazine, has published its “Slow Issue” with perspectives on a smarter, better and slower future: “At its simplest, slow stands for a focus on quality, authenticity, and longevity rather than a mindless adherence to the faster and cheaper ethos. This issue is about planning not only for tomorrow, but for the next […]

26 September 2009
The city is a battlesuit for surviving the future

Matt Jones, design director at Berg in London, has published a piece in Future Metro which Bruce Sterling “would like to call ‘the greatest design-fiction writing I’ve ever seen,” but (a) it’s not about design, (b) it’s not fictional and (c) it’s not even writing.” “This piece,” Sterling says, “is doing the same futuristic thing […]

22 September 2009
Enhancing user interaction with first person user interface

Luke Wroblewski, an internationally recognized Web thought leader and Senior Director of Product Ideation & Design at Yahoo! Inc., provides a comprehensive overview of augmentation as a user interface, complete with real-world examples. “Though many computer applications and operating systems make use of real-world metaphors like the desktop, most software interface design has little to […]

25 August 2009
Ideas for thought from the Symposium for the Future

The New Media Consortium is hosting a Symposium for the Future October 27-29 that will explore actual and potential applications of technology that could impact issues of global importance over the next five years and beyond. To generate dialog and discussion around the topic, and to help prospective proposal writers to frame their ideas about […]

24 August 2009
The augmented reality avalanche

The last few weeks we have witnessed an avalanche of posts about augmented reality. To begin with there is Bruce – Bruce Sterling that is. He has been following the trend for months now, all culminating at his excellent keynote speech during the Layar event in Amsterdam. In his keynote, entitled ““At the Dawn of […]

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