Putting People First
Experientia’s blog “Putting People First” has been going for three years now and contains several thousand posts.

Lots of things have changed in those three years. The term “experience design” has become mainstream and is sometimes even over-used; industry has become more open to our ideas; people are increasingly asking for simplicity and usability; and our company has grown quickly and is now very much on solid footing. Meanwhile, some themes have become much more dominant, such as sustainability (first and foremost), ubiquitous technology, mobility, presence, virtual worlds — to name just a few.

So what is the value of this blog for you now? Does it have more or less relevance than a year ago? Which stories do you like and which not? What should change and what not? Should we continue with this at all? Please comment widely and identify broadly who you are or what type of organisation you work for, so that we can understand the context of your comments. You can also write me directly at info – at – experientia – dot – com.