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We are an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organisations to innovate their products, services and processes by putting people and their experiences first.

13 October 2015
Experientia report: Design for ageing gracefully

Design for Ageing Gracefully Rethinking Health and Wellness for the Elderly: Public Services Asian Insights & Design Innovation, DesignSingapore Council October 2015

29 September 2015
[Experientia book] Ethnography on elderly health and wellness

As we age, we increasingly depend on public services and the community for support. Well-designed public services can greatly affect the lives of the elderly and their experiences of healthcare. Experientia collaborated with DesignSingapore Council on understanding how the elderly interact with public services and how we can look towards improving their lives with design. […]

2 July 2015
Getting citizens involved in protecting fragile energy environments

A new project funded under the FP7 European Commission framework is getting citizens involved in testing new tools for reducing energy consumption during peak loads, in the hope that its pilot program will set the new state of the art for protecting locations with fragile electricity supplies. One of France’s most fragile regions The Provence-Alpes-Côte […]

5 May 2015
Experientia designer Dohun YuLuck Jang 유록 in Design 4 Disaster

Design 4 Disaster features an engaging illustrated safety manual for ship passengers, a personal project by Experientia designer Dohun YuLuck Jang 유록. After the Korean ferry accident last year, Yuluck (who is Korean) wanted to find a way to make safety manuals more interesting to read. He spent one year designing an interactive safety guide […]

16 March 2015
Better Health and Wellbeing: Giving the elderly in Singapore sparkling golden years

Invitation: sharing session, Singapore, 30 March 2015   What are the hopes and fears of the elderly in Singapore? How can designers offer solutions that support the elderly in managing their health and wellness? What can healthcare professionals do to help them keep active? What role can technology play in the elderly’s daily lives? Design consultants […]

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
16 April 2013
Book: Hidden in Plain Sight (by Jan Chipchase)

Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow’s Customers by Jan Chipchase Harper Collins Publishers April 2013 256 pages (Amazon link) A global-innovation expert offers a new perspective on how consumers think and how to develop products and services that affect their everyday lives. Who are your next customers—not just the ones […]

13 January 2012
Jan Chipchase gets asked critical questions and responds

During the Pop!Tech conference, well known design researcher Jan Chipchase gave a talk about his research work. In the panel session an audience member asked two questions relating to personal motivations of doing this kind of research and whether anyone has the moral right to extract knowledge from a community for corporate gain: – What […]

12 January 2012
Tapping social networks for design research recruiting, by Jan Chipchase

Jan Chipchase thinks that 80 to 90% of current recruiting for design research/ethnographic studies (excluding focus groups) that is currently placed through recruiting agencies could from a skill and work-flow perspective, be carried out in-house through a clever use of social networks. “For researchers this means learning new skills: maintaining an online identity that is […]

1 April 2010
Jan Chipchase (Nokia) guest blogging for CGAP

The title might be a bit cryptic for some readers, but Jan Chipchase is a well-known user researcher/anthropologist at Nokia. He spent a decade exploring the intersection of technology, people and culture for Nokia, and specializes in turning insights into opportunities. CGAP is an independent policy and research center dedicated to advancing financial access for […]

8 April 2009
Keynote at CHI by Nokia Research’s Chipchase examined cultural dimension of interaction design

ACM reports that “a top researcher for Nokia Design [addressed] the need for effective cross-culture design research when developing informed and inspired designs for future mobile technologies. Jan Chipchase, who studies how people around the world behave, communicate, and interact with each other, [was] an invited speaker at ACM’s Computer-Human Interaction 2009 (CHI 2009) conference […]

11 November 2008
Jan Chipchase on how he designs his research expeditions

Last week frog design and IxDA NY organised Tiger.Blam, a public conversation with Nokia’s Jan Chipchase on effective design research in cross-cultural mobile markets, or in other words, how he ‘designs’ his research expeditions. No video or presentation download is as yet available, but several bloggers have it summarised. Robert Fabricant of frog design focuses […]

9 November 2008
Nokia’s Jan Chipchase on nine trends in social interactions

Videos of the September LIFT conference in Seoul, Korea are slowly being posted. The latest one is by Jan Chipchase, a well-known Nokia user researcher. “He details the nine trends he thinks will shape the future of social interactions, trends he identified through the extensive field work he and his team are conducting around the […]

12 April 2008
Chipchase featured in New York Times Magazine

The Chipchase hype has hit the New York Times Magazine. Nokia’s user anthropologist Jan Chipchase is becoming very popular. Just a day after the Economist, now one of the world’s top newspapers has published a 6,000 word feature on him, in its highly regarded Magazine of all places. “Chipchase is 38, a rangy native of […]

11 April 2008
The Economist website features Jan Chipchase video

The Economist asked Nokia’s “user anthropologist” Jan Chipchase to self-document his nomadic life in Tokyo and Seattle, taking pictures and leaving phone messages. The video is part of The Economist special report on mobility and “digital nomads”. Watch video

2 February 2008
Jan Chipchase of Nokia on mobile phone sharing

Jan Chipchase, the well-known Nokia anthropologist, has just published a blog post, an executive summary, and a paper (ppt, 7 mb, 70 pages) that explores mobile phone sharing in emerging markets and how it works. “Much of the growth in the telecommunications industry is coming from emerging markets – places like India and Africa and for many […]

3 December 2007
Jan Chipchase at TED conference

The TED conference has published its video of the talk by Nokia’s “user anthropologist” Jan Chipchase in March this year: Nokia principal researcher Jan Chipchase’s investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the villages of Uganda to the insides of our pockets. Along the way, he’s made some unexpected discoveries: […]

25 August 2007
Jan Chipchase of Nokia on the challenges of human-centred design
28 May 2007
BBC News speaks to Jan Chipchase of Nokia Design

BBC News has just published a feature on Jan Chipchase, principal researcher at Nokia Design and frequently featured on this blog. “Jan Chipchase tours the world looking at how people use mobile phones in their everyday lives and, more broadly, how people live. Mr Chipchase’s focus is on the uses to which people put their […]

15 May 2007
The Times profiles Nokia user researcher Jan Chipchase
18 March 2007
The Jan Chipchase controversy: corporate ethnography is “primitive”
14 March 2007
Business Week interviews Nokia’s Jan Chipchase
10 March 2007
Jan Chipchase of Nokia on delegating positive experiences
21 February 2007
Jan Chipchase of Nokia on understanding alternative scenarios for the future
9 February 2007
Jan Chipchase of Nokia on literacy and mobile phone design

Illiterate consumers are in many ways lead users for the rest of us, argues Jan Chipchase, principal researcher at Nokia, at his presentation at the LIFT conference. A person is literate who can with understanding both read and write a short simple statement on his or her everyday life, and can apply this knowledge to […]

20 November 2006
Nokia’s Jan Chipchase on mobile TV and personal experiences
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