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We are an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organisations to innovate their products, services and processes by putting people and their experiences first.

13 October 2015
Experientia report: Design for ageing gracefully

Design for Ageing Gracefully Rethinking Health and Wellness for the Elderly: Public Services Asian Insights & Design Innovation, DesignSingapore Council October 2015

29 September 2015
[Experientia book] Ethnography on elderly health and wellness

As we age, we increasingly depend on public services and the community for support. Well-designed public services can greatly affect the lives of the elderly and their experiences of healthcare. Experientia collaborated with DesignSingapore Council on understanding how the elderly interact with public services and how we can look towards improving their lives with design. […]

2 July 2015
Getting citizens involved in protecting fragile energy environments

A new project funded under the FP7 European Commission framework is getting citizens involved in testing new tools for reducing energy consumption during peak loads, in the hope that its pilot program will set the new state of the art for protecting locations with fragile electricity supplies. One of France’s most fragile regions The Provence-Alpes-Côte […]

5 May 2015
Experientia designer Dohun YuLuck Jang 유록 in Design 4 Disaster

Design 4 Disaster features an engaging illustrated safety manual for ship passengers, a personal project by Experientia designer Dohun YuLuck Jang 유록. After the Korean ferry accident last year, Yuluck (who is Korean) wanted to find a way to make safety manuals more interesting to read. He spent one year designing an interactive safety guide […]

16 March 2015
Better Health and Wellbeing: Giving the elderly in Singapore sparkling golden years

Invitation: sharing session, Singapore, 30 March 2015   What are the hopes and fears of the elderly in Singapore? How can designers offer solutions that support the elderly in managing their health and wellness? What can healthcare professionals do to help them keep active? What role can technology play in the elderly’s daily lives? Design consultants […]

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
15 February 2009
Forthcoming Rosenfeld Media books

Rosenfeld Media, which is run by Lou Rosenfeld, publishes short, practical, and useful books and webinars on user experience design. Here are their forthcoming titles: Design is the Problem: The Future of Design Must be Sustainable by Nathan Shedroff Design makes a tremendous impact on the produced world in terms of usability, resources, understanding, and […]

8 May 2008
Interview with Lou Rosenfeld and Liz Danzico

The May issue of UX matters contains an interview with Lou Rosenfeld and Liz Danzico of the publishing house Rosenfeld Media, a publisher of user experience design books. After working on five books as an editor or co-author, Lou Rosenfeld became disenchanted with the traditional book publishing model. So, in late 2005, he founded Rosenfeld […]

21 February 2008
Louis Rosenfeld on web analytics and user experience

Too often, web users get lost in the cracks between Search, Browse, and Ask. Web analytics will enable designers to create truly integrated finding experiences predicts information architect Lou Rosenfeld in a long article on Adobe Design Center’s Think Tank. “Browsing, searching, and asking may appear to be used as if they were discrete functions, […]

13 January 2006
Rosenfeld Media, a new UX publishing house

  Louis Rosenfeld, the founder of UXnet and the author of the book Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, has founded Rosenfeld Media, a new user experience publishing house. Rosenfeld Media is a publishing house dedicated to developing short, practical, and useful books on user experience design. Their books will explain the design and […]

7 April 2015
[Book] Practical Empathy

Practical Empathy: For Collaboration and Creativity in Your Work by Indi Young Rosenfeld Media, 2015 Synopsis Conventional product development focuses on the solution. Empathy is a mindset that focuses on people, helping you to understand their thinking patterns and perspectives. Practical Empathy will show you how to gather and compare these patterns to make better […]

8 April 2014
[Book] A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences

A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences by Sarah Horton & Whitney Quesenbery Rosenfeld Media, 2013 288 pages In their new book, A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences, Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery make a case for accessibility that begins and ends with people. “We believe that great design starts by thinking […]

29 August 2013
Seeing the elephant: defragmenting user research

“Forget Big Data — right now, our bigger problem is fragmented data that comes from siloed user research teams.” Just as we favor the research tools that we find familiar and comfortable, large organizations often use research methods that reflect their own internal selection biases. As a result, they miss out on detecting (and confirming) […]

7 August 2013
Book: Why We Fail

Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures By Victor Lombardi 248 pages Rosenfeld Media Why did Twitter succeed while Pownce plotzed? Why has “to Plaxo” become a verb? And Zune: great product, but are you using one right now? More and more, products succeed because not because they provide better designs or functionality, but […]

26 May 2013
Book: Design For Care – Innovating Healthcare Experience

Design For Care – Innovating Healthcare Experience Peter Jones Rosenfeld Media, 2013 376 pages The world of healthcare is constantly evolving, ever increasing in complexity, costs, and stakeholders, and presenting huge challenges to policy making, decision making and system design. In Design for Care, Peter Jones shows how service and information designers can work with […]

10 May 2013
How do you interview an interview specialist?

Ethnography Matters took on a difficult challenge with this interview of Steve Portigal about his new book “Interviewing Users“. EM: In your 18 years in this business, what has been some of the biggest shifts that you have witnessed in the field? SP: When I entered the field, it was barely a field. There was […]

8 May 2013
Interviewing Users book – Special offers for Putting People First readers

A few weeks ago, I announced Interviewing Users, the new book by Steve Portigal published by Rosenfeld Media. It is now available for purchase, both in print and in digital version. Steve and his publisher provide Putting People First readers with two special offers: Giveaway: the first three people leaving a reply on this post […]

15 April 2013
Book: Interviewing Users (by Steve Portigal)

Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights by Steve Portigal Rosenfeld Media To be published: early May 2013 Interviewing is a foundational user research tool that people assume they already possess. Everyone can ask questions, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Interviewing Users provides invaluable interviewing techniques and tools that enable you to conduct informative […]

12 March 2013
Book: Service Design – From Insight to Implementation

Service Design – From Insight to Implementation by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason Rosenfeld Media – March 2013 (book will be published tomorrow) We have unsatisfactory experiences when we use banks, buses, health services and insurance companies. They don’t make us feel happier or richer. Why are they not designed as well as […]

8 October 2012
Videos of keynote presentations at The Web and Beyond 2012

The Web and Beyond is a bi-annual conference organized by Chi Nederland, focused on the practice and business of user experience. On September 26, our 425 attendees saw a full-day, 3-track conference with keynotes and parallel sessions on user experience research, design, evaluation and management. The event featured both Dutch and English sessions by national […]

18 September 2012
Book: Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction

Make It So – Interaction design lessons from science fiction By Nathan Shedroff & Christopher Noessel Rosenfeld Media September 2012 ISBNs: paperback (1-933820-98-5); digital editions (1-933820-76-4) Many designers enjoy the interfaces seen in science fiction films and television shows. Freed from the rigorous constraints of designing for real users, sci-fi production designers develop blue-sky interfaces […]

24 July 2012
Debate on the UXPA name change

At the beginning of June, the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) announced that from now on it would be known as the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA). This didn’t go unnoticed, and UX publisher Louis Rosenfeld reacted to this news with a strongly worded and much commented blog post, where he accuses the whole initiative to […]

10 June 2012
Book: The Mobile Frontier

The Mobile Frontier – A Guide for Designing Mobile Experiences By Rachel Hinman Rosenfeld Media June 2012 Publisher’s page | Amazon page Mobile user experience is a new frontier. Untethered from a keyboard and mouse, this rich design space is lush with opportunity to invent new and more human ways for people to interact with […]

17 February 2012
World IA Day 2012 keynote talks

World IA Day 2012 is about bringing the Information Architecture community together, and the first ever World IA Day, which took place on 11 February, featured keynote presentations by Peter Morville, Lou Rosenfeld and Jorge Arango. – Peter Morville: Cross-training for ubiquitous information architecture – Lou Rosenfeld: Thoughts on the last 14 years and the […]

29 July 2011
Good mobile experiences unfold and progressively reveal their nature

Successful PC and mobile experiences are built on fundamentally different conceptual models and leverage different psychological functions of the user, argues Rachel Hinman. Understanding these differences will help you create better experiences for both contexts. She delves into the matter in a longer article that acts as a preview for her forthcoming Rosenfeld Media book […]

15 May 2011
UX Lx, a user experience conference in Lisbon

Jeroen van Geel and Vicky Teinaki report on Johnny Holland on UX Lx, the international user experience conference that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, May 11-13. Day One featuring Whitney Quesenbery, Leah Buley, Andrew Watterson, Susan Dybbs, Stuart Cruickshank, Dan Brown, and Anders Ramsay. Day Two featuring Leisa Reichelt, Steve Mulder, Louis Rosenfeld, Ian Fenn, […]

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