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29 June 2011
Digital DIY

The Guardian reports on a study by an “exasperated academic” (Philip Ely, head of the business and community school at the University for the Creative Arts, and a doctoral researcher at the University of Surrey‘s Digital World Research Centre) on the faults in home entertainment technology (iTunes in particular) and on the hours “digital DIY” […]

putting people first
by experientia

We are an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organisations to innovate their products, services and processes by putting people and their experiences first.

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
21 December 2014
Experientia’s Twitter feed live

Experientia has now its own Twitter feed. Four months of Putting People First posts and other links have already been uploaded. If you followed Experientia on Twitter through the feed of its CEO, Mark Vanderbeeken, make sure to now also follow the company (but don’t unfollow Mark, who will keep on tweeting away). And while […]

19 December 2014
Putting People First blog redesigned

Experientia’s Putting People First blog has been redesigned. It is now entirely responsive, allows for easier browsing, searching, and filtering, and features larger images on the posts. The entire history of posts remains accessible as before. We are still tweaking things and welcome any feedback.

27 November 2014
Why the world needs anthropologists – an update

Why the world needs anthropologists – Coming out of the ivory tower Location: Padua, Italy, Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano Date and time: Friday, 5 December 2014, 13:00 – 18:00 Padua, Italy, 5 December 2014 – The second edition of the international symposium of applied anthropologists attempts to erase the boundary between ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ anthropology, […]

30 October 2014
The BancoSmart ATM by Experientia for UniCredit selected for ADI Design Index

Last year Experientia designed the interface of an ATM of UniCredit, a major Italian bank. The interface is now rolled out across the bank’s ATMs in Italy, to great satisfaction of the bank and the customers alike, since interaction speed is much faster and error rates went down dramatically. Last year UniCredit and Experientia also […]

29 October 2014
Experientia at EPIC: UX transforming a financial institution

In September 2014 Experientia gave a presentation on working as UX professionals with financial institutions at the EPIC conference in New York. The paper is now available on the EPIC site in HTML and PDF versions (free registration req’d). Abstract Application of a user-centered approach rooted in ethnographic methodologies facilitates a major European bank’s transition […]

29 June 2011
Digital DIY

The Guardian reports on a study by an “exasperated academic” (Philip Ely, head of the business and community school at the University for the Creative Arts, and a doctoral researcher at the University of Surrey‘s Digital World Research Centre) on the faults in home entertainment technology (iTunes in particular) and on the hours “digital DIY” […]

29 June 2011
Europe split in happiness survey

In one of the biggest surveys of happiness carried out in the aftermath of the economic crisis, the vast majority of people in Britain, France and Italy have little faith in their governments and think the free market economy is a flawed system. In contrast, the study carried out by the European Bank for Reconstruction […]

28 June 2011
Achieving a sense of home for people who travel extensively

One of the people presenting at the DPPI conference in Milan last week was Aviaja Borup Lynggaard, an industrial Ph.D. scholar at Bang & Olufsen (B&O), attached to the Aarhus School of Architecture and Aarhus University. Her very interesting Ph.D. project – which aims to inspire new B&O products – is called On the move […]

28 June 2011
Toyota and CIID open a Window to the World

Imagine when a journey from A to B is no longer routine, as your car in the near-future encourages a sense of play, exploration and learning. This is the image engineers and designers from Toyota Motor Europe (TME) and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) had for Toyota’s “Window to the World” vehicle concept, […]

27 June 2011
Studying interaction design in Switzerland

A new master in interaction design will start in September in Switzerland — with some teaching support from Experientia — and a few places are still available. The MAS in Interaction design at the University of the Applied Sciences and the Arts of Southern Switzerland is a master that combines design, new media, robotics, smart […]

27 June 2011
Book: Ethnographies of the Videogame

Ethnographies of the Videogame: Gender, Narrative and Praxis by Helen Thornham, City University London, UK Ethnographies of the Videogame Ashgate, July 2011, 218 pages [Amazon UK link] Ethnographies of the Videogame uses the medium of the videogame to explore wider significant sociological issues around new media, interaction, identity, performance, memory and mediation. Addressing questions of […]

26 June 2011
What is your influence score?

Imagine a world in which we are assigned a number that indicates how influential we are. This number would help determine whether you receive a job, a hotel-room upgrade or free samples at the supermarket. If your influence score is low, you don’t get the promotion, the suite or the complimentary cookies. This is not […]

26 June 2011
Enchanted Objects: The next wave of the web

David Rose (LinkedIn), CEO of Vitality (where he works on healthy behavior change) and lecturer at MIT Media Lab (and former CEO of Ambient Devices), gave a talk recently at TEDxBerkeley on how magic anticipates ubiquitous computing. “Magic, or enchantment, is the right metaphor for the future of computing. […] Magic is a convenient metaphor […]

26 June 2011
IBM reveals untapped mobile users of the future

Consumers have a growing appetite for health and wellness gadgets and this represents a burgeoning market opportunity for device manufacturers that has barely been tapped, according to a study from IBM. “There’s a huge group of mobile users that you may be overlooking as you develop your hospital’s mobile strategy. They’re “information seekers,” and they […]

26 June 2011
Activate 2011: Technology powered by people

Ken Banks, founder of kiwanja.net and FrontlineSMS, reports on how Activate 2011, the one-day conference in London on technology and development, made clear it’s not just about technology, but who uses it and how. “As the day drew to a close, I was left with one lingering thought as I headed to catch my train […]

23 June 2011
Achieving long-term sustainability at a Belgian expo centre

A road(map) to sustainability: How an Expo centre can become low-impact The Event project, funded by Flanders In Shape, a Flemish design promotion agency, created a framework for the Kortrijk Xpo centre to become the most environmentally sustainable trade fair and congress complex in Belgium by 2020 and a top five player in Europe. Experientia […]

20 June 2011
Individual and networked privacy

Danah Boyd, researcher at Microsoft Research New England and Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society, posted the crib of her recent Personal Democracy Forum talk on networked privacy. “Our contemporary ideas about privacy are often shaped by legal discourse that emphasizes the notion of “individual harm.” Furthermore, when we think about […]

20 June 2011
Book: ethnography and the corporate encounter

Ethnography and The Corporate Encounter Reflections on Research in and of Corporations Edited by Melissa Cefkin Berghahn Books 2010, 262 pages Businesses and other organizations are increasingly hiring anthropologists and other ethnographically-oriented social scientists as employees, consultants, and advisors. The nature of such work, as described in this volume, raises crucial questions about potential implications […]

16 June 2011
SEE Conference report by Mark Vanderbeeken

On 29 March, Experientia partner Mark Vanderbeeken chaired the European SEE Conference on integrating design into regional and national policies. The high-level conference, which also featured Peter Dröll, the European Commission’s Head of Innovation Policy, was organised by the SEE project, a network of eleven European partners engaging with national and regional governments to integrate […]

16 June 2011
Book: What’s Mine is Yours

What’s Mine Is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers Collins, 2011 304 pages In the 20th century humanity consumed products faster than ever, but this way of living is no longer sustainable. This new and important book shows how technological advances are driving forms of […]

16 June 2011
Shareable: Share or Die [new e-book]

Share or Die is the first collection of writing from Generation Y about post-college work and life in the 21st Century. “It contains nearly 30 essays, cartoons, instructional how-to’s, and guides from Shareable contributors. In its pages, young people tell the story of a new economy based in collaboration instead of competition, and how they’re […]

16 June 2011
Open Source Architecture (OSArc)

Domus Magazine has published an op-ed advocating a different approach to designing space – to succeed the single-author model – that includes tools from disparate sources to create new paradigms for thinking and building The contributors included Paola Antonelli (MoMA), Adam Bly (Seed Media Group), Lucas Dietrich, Joseph Grima (Domus Magazine), Dan Hill (Sitra), John […]

15 June 2011
In the fight for better experiences, are you winning or losing?

UX Magazine attended the 2011 IA Summit in Denver this year to interview conference speakers and attendees. In this video, 15 interviewees respond to the question: In the fight for better experiences, are you winning or losing? Watch video

15 June 2011
Measuring national happiness

Your Better Life Index is an interactive tool that allows you to see how countries perform according to the importance you give to each of 11 topics – housing, income, jobs, community, education, environment, governance, health, life satisfaction, safety and work-life balance – that contribute to well‐being in OECD countries. Your Better Life Index currently […]

14 June 2011
Experientia wins Italian National Prize for Innovation in Services

Experientia wins Italian National Prize for Innovation in Services, sponsored by the Italian government and Confcommercio. The President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, awards the prize.  Rome, Tuesday 14 June 2011 Today, the president of the Italian republic, Giorgio Napolitano, awarded Experientia srl with the prestigious National Prize for Innovation in Services, for their project […]

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