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27 January 2011
Innovating in the French wine industry

How does an entrepreneur successfully introduce innovation to a gastronomic tradition that is a cornerstone of French culture and identity? Stéphane Girard, who graduated from the prestigious Bordeaux Wine School in 2004, has launched a modern concept in wine degustation to make understanding viniculture more accessible by placing the individual’s discovery of wine at the […]

putting people first
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We are an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organisations to innovate their products, services and processes by putting people and their experiences first.

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
21 December 2014
Experientia’s Twitter feed live

Experientia has now its own Twitter feed. Four months of Putting People First posts and other links have already been uploaded. If you followed Experientia on Twitter through the feed of its CEO, Mark Vanderbeeken, make sure to now also follow the company (but don’t unfollow Mark, who will keep on tweeting away). And while […]

19 December 2014
Putting People First blog redesigned

Experientia’s Putting People First blog has been redesigned. It is now entirely responsive, allows for easier browsing, searching, and filtering, and features larger images on the posts. The entire history of posts remains accessible as before. We are still tweaking things and welcome any feedback.

27 November 2014
Why the world needs anthropologists – an update

Why the world needs anthropologists – Coming out of the ivory tower Location: Padua, Italy, Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano Date and time: Friday, 5 December 2014, 13:00 – 18:00 Padua, Italy, 5 December 2014 – The second edition of the international symposium of applied anthropologists attempts to erase the boundary between ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ anthropology, […]

30 October 2014
The BancoSmart ATM by Experientia for UniCredit selected for ADI Design Index

Last year Experientia designed the interface of an ATM of UniCredit, a major Italian bank. The interface is now rolled out across the bank’s ATMs in Italy, to great satisfaction of the bank and the customers alike, since interaction speed is much faster and error rates went down dramatically. Last year UniCredit and Experientia also […]

29 October 2014
Experientia at EPIC: UX transforming a financial institution

In September 2014 Experientia gave a presentation on working as UX professionals with financial institutions at the EPIC conference in New York. The paper is now available on the EPIC site in HTML and PDF versions (free registration req’d). Abstract Application of a user-centered approach rooted in ethnographic methodologies facilitates a major European bank’s transition […]

27 January 2011
Innovating in the French wine industry

How does an entrepreneur successfully introduce innovation to a gastronomic tradition that is a cornerstone of French culture and identity? Stéphane Girard, who graduated from the prestigious Bordeaux Wine School in 2004, has launched a modern concept in wine degustation to make understanding viniculture more accessible by placing the individual’s discovery of wine at the […]

27 January 2011
The near future of the user interface

Two articles and one prototype provide diverging viewpoints on the near future of the user interface: Microsoft plans a natural interface future full of gestures, touchscreens and haptics An official Microsoft blog highlights MS’s plans about the future of how we’ll interact with computers. Apparently, writes Fast Company, it’s touchscreens and “natural user interfaces” (NUI) […]

26 January 2011
Experientia trademarked its name

When Experientia’s four partners decided to start a business back in 2005, one of the important discussions then was about the name. After brainstorming on the philosophy, concepts and strategies that would underlie the business, Experientia president Michele Visciola came up with “Experientia”, with inspiration striking him in the Milano Centrale train station on the […]

26 January 2011
Pleasant things work better
26 January 2011
Experientia congratulates Italy on Esperienza Italia

2011 marks the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, and it is fitting that the celebrations are kicking off in Turin, which (in addition to being Experientia’s home base) was the first capital of the unified country. The nine months of exhibitions and events, under the overarching theme of “Esperienza Italia” (“The Italian Experience”), will look […]

25 January 2011
Experientia and Accenture sign memorandum of understanding

Experientia and Accenture are looking at future project opportunities together, after signing a memorandum of understanding this month. The two companies have previously matched their skill sets on a project involving user research, prototyping and usability testing, with the client congratulating the team on the outstanding quality of the final results. At Experientia, we believe […]

25 January 2011
Experientia partner Jan-Christoph Zoels speaks at workshop on smart living

On Thursday 3 February, Experientia senior partner in charge of user experience design, Jan-Christoph Zoels, will speak at the TouchHouse. Smart living – Communicating surfaces workshop at the Aedes Network Campus Berlin (ANCB). The opportunity mapping workshop, part of the ANCB Metropolitan Technologies Programme, focuses on the interface between building control, spatial and design implications, […]

25 January 2011
Connected they write

Raquel Recuero (blog) is an associate professor at the Departments of Applied Linguistics and Social Communication in Universidade Católica de Pelotas (UCPel) in Brazil. Her research focuses on Internet social networks, virtual communities and computer mediated-communication in general, trying to understand the impact of the Internet in sociability and language in South America and Brazil. […]

25 January 2011
The ABC of behavioural change

Jodie Moule, a psychologist and co-founder & director of Symplicit, an experience design consultancy based in Australia, describes on Johnny Holland what it takes to change someone’s behaviour. “Design has always facilitated change in behaviour, especially in the area of technology, but it seems lately that design for behaviour change is in the forefront of […]

23 January 2011
Social networking under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US

Twitter and Facebook don’t connect people – they isolate them from reality, say a rising number of academics. Paul Harris reports in the Guardian: “The way in which people frantically communicate online via Twitter, Facebook and instant messaging can be seen as a form of modern madness, according to a leading American sociologist. “A behaviour […]

18 January 2011
Devices will allow for more heads-up mobility

Marko Ahtisaari, senior vp and head of design strategy at Nokia, was interviewed on the [Nokia] Ideas Project site. In the [short] interview, Ahtisaari states that true mobility means devices that users can operate and interact with on the go, at a glance and even one-handed; an alternative to the immersive attention many current smart […]

18 January 2011
Beware the seductions of sociable machines

Our lives have become bold technological experiments, but we need to think hard before letting the computers and robots take over, says Sherry Turkle, MIT professor of social studies of science and technology, in the New Scientist. “Where once artificial intelligence researchers proposed artefacts that would win us over with their smartness, designers of these […]

17 January 2011
Experientia part of EPIC 2011

The Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC) has become the premier international forum for bringing together academics, computer scientists, designers, policy makers, social scientists, marketers and other professionals interested in the ongoing development of the field of applied ethnographic research and practice. The call for contributions to the 2011 conference is now open, seeking original, […]

14 January 2011
“Alone Together”: An MIT Professor’s new book urges us to unplug

Sherry Turkle, has been an ethnographer of our technological world for three decades, hosted all the while at one of its epicenters: MIT. A professor of the social studies of science and technology there, she also heads up its Initiative on Technology and Self. In her new book Alone Together, she shares her ambivalence about […]

13 January 2011
UX design in the financial services industry

Harald Felgner alerts us to a presentation by Amir Dotan of LAB49 where he shares his experiences working as a user experience architect in the financial services industry in London. The talk is structured in three parts: 1. The job of a UX professional in the financial services industry 2. The trading floor work environment […]

12 January 2011
Distance Lab closed down

The BBC reports that the Distance Lab closed down. Distance Lab was a Scottish creative research initiative for digital media technology and design innovation, focused on addressing the many problems and opportunities found in rural and remote areas of the world. “A technology laboratory working on a prototype device designed to communicate intimacy over distances […]

11 January 2011
Design research and innovation: an interview with Don Norman

Jeroen Van Geel of Johnny Holland interviewed Donald Norman about innovation, design research, and emotional design. Earlier this year you wrote that design research doesn’t innovate, technology does. This caused quite a discussion. What were the main counterexamples you got back? No, that’s not what I said. And indeed, that is the main problem with […]

11 January 2011
Mobile youth around the world

Nielsen’s new whitepaper on Mobile Youth Around the World reveals that most young people with mobile phones chose their own device. In fact, across all the countries surveyed, only 16 percent of young people reported that their parents selected their mobile phone. Price was the most common consideration among youth in selecting a mobile phone, […]

10 January 2011
Arduino The Documentary. How open source hardware became cheap and fun

When I was working at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, I met Massimo Banzi who embarked on an open source hardware initiative which eventually became the very successful Arduino project. Now, writes the Arduino blog, Rodrigo Calvo, Raúl Díez Alaejos, Gustavo Valera, and the people at Laboral Centro de Arte in Gijon, Spain, have created a […]

10 January 2011
Cyberspace when you’re dead

The Internet promises a kind of immortality. What if your last tweet is the one that defines you for all time? Rob Walker reflects in a long article for the New York Times Magazine. “It’s now taken for granted that the things we do online are reflections of who we are or announcements of who […]

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