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12 November 2009
Designing for a sustainable world

To celebrate World Usability Day 2009, System Concepts has put together a video podcast exploring how different stakeholders can enhance the user experience of their designs by including sustainability as a key requirement. The interviewees include: – Professor Ben Shneiderman – User Interface guru from the University of Maryland – John Thackara – Director, Doors […]

putting people first
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We are an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organisations to innovate their products, services and processes by putting people and their experiences first.

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
21 December 2014
Experientia’s Twitter feed live

Experientia has now its own Twitter feed. Four months of Putting People First posts and other links have already been uploaded. If you followed Experientia on Twitter through the feed of its CEO, Mark Vanderbeeken, make sure to now also follow the company (but don’t unfollow Mark, who will keep on tweeting away). And while […]

19 December 2014
Putting People First blog redesigned

Experientia’s Putting People First blog has been redesigned. It is now entirely responsive, allows for easier browsing, searching, and filtering, and features larger images on the posts. The entire history of posts remains accessible as before. We are still tweaking things and welcome any feedback.

27 November 2014
Why the world needs anthropologists – an update

Why the world needs anthropologists – Coming out of the ivory tower Location: Padua, Italy, Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano Date and time: Friday, 5 December 2014, 13:00 – 18:00 Padua, Italy, 5 December 2014 – The second edition of the international symposium of applied anthropologists attempts to erase the boundary between ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ anthropology, […]

30 October 2014
The BancoSmart ATM by Experientia for UniCredit selected for ADI Design Index

Last year Experientia designed the interface of an ATM of UniCredit, a major Italian bank. The interface is now rolled out across the bank’s ATMs in Italy, to great satisfaction of the bank and the customers alike, since interaction speed is much faster and error rates went down dramatically. Last year UniCredit and Experientia also […]

29 October 2014
Experientia at EPIC: UX transforming a financial institution

In September 2014 Experientia gave a presentation on working as UX professionals with financial institutions at the EPIC conference in New York. The paper is now available on the EPIC site in HTML and PDF versions (free registration req’d). Abstract Application of a user-centered approach rooted in ethnographic methodologies facilitates a major European bank’s transition […]

12 November 2009
Designing for a sustainable world

To celebrate World Usability Day 2009, System Concepts has put together a video podcast exploring how different stakeholders can enhance the user experience of their designs by including sustainability as a key requirement. The interviewees include: – Professor Ben Shneiderman – User Interface guru from the University of Maryland – John Thackara – Director, Doors […]

12 November 2009
Towards human-centred knowledge management tools

Institute for the Future just released its latest research report, Knowledge Tools of the Future, written by Alex Pang and Mike Love. The report takes an in-depth look at signals, drivers, and trends shaping how organizations will utilize knowledge management in the future, particularly how humans will drive knowledge creativity and innovation. Pang writes: “It’s […]

11 November 2009
Nokia The Way We Live Next 3.0

The third edition of Nokia’s The Way We Live Next conference took place yesterday and today in Espoo, Finland. Nokia’s blog, Nokia Conversations, reports on a few of the keynote presentations: Nokia’s vision of the future by Heikki Norta, Nokia’s Head of Corporate Strategy Smart ecosystems sits at the centre of our mobile life five […]

11 November 2009
Using ethnography to improve user experience

Bonny Colville-Hyde of CX Partners has written a good introductory article on the value of ethnographic research. How can you ensure your service stands out from its competitors in the marketplace as the one people want to use? One way is to uncover how your users interact with you and find new ways to support […]

11 November 2009
Accenture says tech-driven approach to CE innovation outdated

Consumer electronics companies must rethink the old technology-driven approach to innovation because industry convergence has made this model obsolete, claims a study by Accenture. In the converging world, “high-performance businesses in the CE industry have begun to embrace a consumer-engagement-driven model of innovation,” but many CE companies have not. Even those companies embracing the new […]

11 November 2009
How to create a long-tail user experience

Andrew Maier of UXBooth reflects on how to cultivate (or dissolve) a community, or in other words how to create a long-tail user experience. Websites are social creatures. Or rather, their users are. In turn, the websites you visit are tempered by the users that interact with them. Your experience with a website, say facebook.com, […]

11 November 2009
User stories: a strategic design tool

Collaborative design methods play a key role in aligning team members towards a shared and strategic project vision. In this article Penny Hagen and Michelle Gilmore describe how user stories stimulate and facilitate discussion and decision making with clients in the development of a User Experience Strategy. In our context (the development of online projects) […]

10 November 2009
Book: Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media

Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out Kids Living and Learning with New Media (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning) An examination of young people’s everyday new media practices—including video-game playing, text-messaging, digital media production, and social media use. Authors: Mizuko Ito, Sonja Baumer, Matteo Bittanti, danah boyd, […]

10 November 2009
CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviews Jan-Christoph Zoels

Check out Experientia partner Jan-Christoph Zoels’s superb appearance on CNN’s Christiane Amanpour show yesterday… vividly describing how as an opposition member, he was among the first East Germans to cross into West Berlin for the first time when the Germans messed up their plans, and inadvertently started letting people through. Christiane said she loved it, […]

9 November 2009
The human factor

NESTA, the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, has published a 45-page discussion paper on how transforming healthcare to involve the public, i.e. the creation of people-powered public services, can save money and save lives. The National Health Service (NHS) needs to save £15 billion to £20 billion over the next few […]

9 November 2009
Designing mobile money services for emerging markets

Nokia user researcher Jan Chipchase has posted an in-depth presentation and paper on designing mobile money services for emerging markets: “Hang around a telecoms industry conference long enough and you start to get big-number fatigue – as one stack of seemingly impressive statistic blurs into the next. The numbers that have stuck with me over […]

9 November 2009
The internet is killing storytelling

Narratives are a staple of every culture the world over. Yet, argues Ben Macintyre, writer at large for The Times (UK), they are disappearing in an online blizzard of tiny bytes of information. “The internet, while it communicates so much information so very effectively, does not really “do” narrative. The blog is a soap box, […]

9 November 2009
Banking the unbanked Africans – the mobile initiatives

The November 2009 edition of Mobile Money Africa, “Africa’s leading online resource for mobile financial inclusion”, is entitled “Banking the unbanked Africans” and is entirely available for download. The December edition will focus on Mobile Money and Payment technologies for Africa. Download magazine (November 2009) (via David Tait and Niti Bhan)

5 November 2009
Reinventing British manners the Post-It way

Wired UK asked Bill Moggridge and his IDEO team to tackle the urban rage problem that is rendering the UK cityscapes ever more aggressive. “Design thinking defines the practical way in which IDEO approaches its problems, but as a phrase it also allows design to be talked about in a meaningful way by non-designers. After […]

5 November 2009
Social isolation and new technology

The Pew Internet Personal Networks and Community survey finds that Americans are not as isolated as has been previously reported. People’s use of the mobile phone and the internet is associated with larger and more diverse discussion networks. And, when we examine people’s full personal network – their strong and weak ties – internet use […]

5 November 2009
Strength in science collaboration

Rory Cellan-Jones of BBC News reports on how Google Wave is proving its worth in the scientific community, as one of the new collaboration tools which scientists are using to work together and conduct research. “The key to these sites is putting scientists in touch with fellow researchers and academics in a way that was […]

4 November 2009
Answering the call to service design

Phi-Hong D. Ha, an interaction design and strategy consultant, discusses discusses the viability of the new field of service design with Steven Heller of AIGA Voice. Isn’t all design a service to someone? Perhaps that can be debated. But currently the service design genre is receiving considerable attention and achieving currency. When Phi-Hong D. Ha, […]

4 November 2009
The new fast ways of keeping in touch are driving us further apart

  Email, texting and Facebook let us hide behind our computer screens instead of talking to each other. Elizabeth Day asks in The Observer if we have the tyranny of technology to blame or ourselves? According to John Freeman, who is the new editor of Granta magazine and a former president of the National Book […]

4 November 2009
Nokia Life Tools tailored to the needs of Indonesians

Nokia Life Tools was designed to help improve the livelihood and lives of farmers, students and many people in more remote and rural areas in emerging market countries. It does this by offering easily accessible and up-to-date crop prices, education tools and entertainment packages, delivering this valuable information on a simple SMS backbone. Nokia Life […]

4 November 2009
The Fuzzy Boundary: Four products that are also services

Mike Kuniavsky of ThingM was invited to speak at Kimiko Ryokai’s Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces class at UC Berkeley yesterday, where he discussed the relationship between products and services in a ubicomp environment, and presented a set of examples of device/service relationships that show some of the variation in the possibilities. Download […]

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