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12 May 2009
Johanna Brewer about ethnography and design

Nicolas Nova reports today on a lecture by Johanna Brewer about “What can ethnography do for technology?”. Brewer, who is a PhD candidate in the Informatics department at the University of California, Irvine and a collaborator of Paul Dourish in the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction (LUCI), basically presented how ethnography, as a methodological […]

putting people first
by experientia

We are an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organisations to innovate their products, services and processes by putting people and their experiences first.

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
21 December 2014
Experientia’s Twitter feed live

Experientia has now its own Twitter feed. Four months of Putting People First posts and other links have already been uploaded. If you followed Experientia on Twitter through the feed of its CEO, Mark Vanderbeeken, make sure to now also follow the company (but don’t unfollow Mark, who will keep on tweeting away). And while […]

19 December 2014
Putting People First blog redesigned

Experientia’s Putting People First blog has been redesigned. It is now entirely responsive, allows for easier browsing, searching, and filtering, and features larger images on the posts. The entire history of posts remains accessible as before. We are still tweaking things and welcome any feedback.

27 November 2014
Why the world needs anthropologists – an update

Why the world needs anthropologists – Coming out of the ivory tower Location: Padua, Italy, Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano Date and time: Friday, 5 December 2014, 13:00 – 18:00 Padua, Italy, 5 December 2014 – The second edition of the international symposium of applied anthropologists attempts to erase the boundary between ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ anthropology, […]

30 October 2014
The BancoSmart ATM by Experientia for UniCredit selected for ADI Design Index

Last year Experientia designed the interface of an ATM of UniCredit, a major Italian bank. The interface is now rolled out across the bank’s ATMs in Italy, to great satisfaction of the bank and the customers alike, since interaction speed is much faster and error rates went down dramatically. Last year UniCredit and Experientia also […]

29 October 2014
Experientia at EPIC: UX transforming a financial institution

In September 2014 Experientia gave a presentation on working as UX professionals with financial institutions at the EPIC conference in New York. The paper is now available on the EPIC site in HTML and PDF versions (free registration req’d). Abstract Application of a user-centered approach rooted in ethnographic methodologies facilitates a major European bank’s transition […]

12 May 2009
Johanna Brewer about ethnography and design

Nicolas Nova reports today on a lecture by Johanna Brewer about “What can ethnography do for technology?”. Brewer, who is a PhD candidate in the Informatics department at the University of California, Irvine and a collaborator of Paul Dourish in the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction (LUCI), basically presented how ethnography, as a methodological […]

12 May 2009
Business Innovation Factory launches Student Experience Lab

The non-profit Business Innovation Factory (BIF) yesterday launched a new laboratory to enable innovation in higher education. The lab will support the design of solutions that increase college attainment levels, enhance the college student experience and improve the quality and effectiveness of the U.S. higher education system. The launch of the BIF Student Experience Lab […]

12 May 2009
Bringing the everyday life of people into design

“Bringing the everyday life of people into design” is the title of a doctoral dissertation that Froukje Sleeswijk Visser is defending today to obtain her doctoral degree in industrial design engineering at the Technical University Delft. Summary Products play a role in our everyday lives. Insight into the experiences of people in their everyday lives […]

11 May 2009
Gemalto, Microsoft, Nokia and Philips team up to advance ‘Trust in Digital Life’

  At the Future of the Internet conference in Prague today, Gemalto, Microsoft, Nokia and Philips announced a new initiative that will address the fundamental societal issue of trust in new and emerging digital services. The initiative aims to bring European public and private stakeholders together to advance ‘Trust in Digital Life’ through the development […]

10 May 2009
Book: Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing

Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing: The next-generation Internet’s impact on business, governance and social interaction J.D. Lasica The Aspen Institute, 2009 Smart Mobs reports: “Recently, The Aspen Institute has published an eBook which some say is possibly the best report on cloud computing ever published. Written by J.D. Lasica, Identity in the Age […]

10 May 2009
Journal of Business Strategy on design innovation

A special issue of Journal of Business Strategy on ‘The practice of innovation: design in process’, is now available. There is a great deal of energetic discussion about why design innovation has become critical for the success and growth of businesses today and experts in business management are discussing ways to think about design as […]

9 May 2009
Design and ethnography at a ubiquitous computing conference

One of the sessions at UbiComp 2008, the Tenth International Conference on Ubiquitous computing (Seoul, Korea), was devoted to design and ethnography. The four papers are all in the proceedings, but (except for the first one) you will need an ACM membership to download them. The Heterogenous Home * Ryan Aipperspach, University of California, Berkeley […]

7 May 2009
Daniel Kaplan’s excellent critique of the Internet of Things

Daniel Kaplan, CEO of the French Next-Generation Internet Foundation (FING) and one of the driving forces behind the upcoming LIFT conference in Marseilles, France, has published three long essays with an excellent critique of the Internet of Things. If you understand French, they are highly recommended reading. Otherwise, check the links as they often lead […]

7 May 2009
The wisdom of community

In an article on A List Apart, Derek Powazek explores what it means to connect the ideas of James Surowiecki, expressed in his book The Wisdom of Crowds, to the social web where, he says, they can reach their full potential. “The Wisdom of Crowds (WOC) theory does not mean that people are smart in […]

7 May 2009
In cellphone, India reveals an essence

Anand Giridharadas, South Asia correspondent at International Herald Tribune, describes what makes the cellphone special in India, and what it means for democracy. “The cellphone appeals deeply to the Indian psychology, to the spreading desire for personal space and voice, not in defiance of the family and tribe but in the chaotic midst of it. […]

6 May 2009
Inspiring articles by Elizabeth Churchill of Yahoo! Research

If you like the writings by the highly original Elizabeth Churchill, a principal research scientist at Yahoo! Research in charge of the Internet Experiences Group — and I definitely do! — then this Spring has been a particularly rewarding period. Here are some of the publicly available papers and articles, which she wrote or co-wrote: […]

6 May 2009
Most Interaction09 conference videos now online

Most of the videos of the Interaction09 conference, that took place this February in Vancouver, Canada, are now available online (see also here). Here is a personal selection: Kars Alfrink: Play in social and tangible interactions Many of the interactions seen in tangible and social computing are essentially playful. Play can take on many forms, […]

6 May 2009
The poverty of user-centered design

Andrew Dillon, dean of the School of Information (“iSchool”) at the University of Texas, writes on his blog InfoMatters that he finds “the term ‘user-centered’ to have little real meaning anymore”, since “truly understanding the user seems beyond both established methods and established practices.” “The set of methods employed by most user-centered professionals fails to […]

6 May 2009
User-centred approach drives the design of Intel’s new home storage solution

In December last year, Intel design researcher Daria Loi made a very strong presentation at the UPA Europe conference showing how people in different cultures “keep, protect and find what they value”. She and others in her team actually went into the homes of people around the world to see how they store both physical […]

6 May 2009
Cisco CTO: The future of collaboration will be all about user experience

In a series of predictions on the future of collaboration, Padmasree Warrior, the chief technology officer of Cisco Systems, points out that it’s the user experience that matters. “We need to provide an experience that’s consistent and seamless, with easy access to the services you care about, regardless of your location or device. To enable […]

5 May 2009
Taking my community ‘to go’

The latest issue of Vodafone’s Receiver Magazine is entitled “Seizing the Moment”: “Bending and transcending the constraints of time and space has gotten easy for us. With our mobiles and netbooks, we’re about to create a social setting in which communication and self-expression are possible not only on the go, but also at the speed […]

4 May 2009
As consumers’ demands change, designers are all in the behavior business

  Over the past few months, frog design’s Robert Fabricant has been “busy riling up the design community with a theory that designers are now in the ‘behavior business’”. “Innovation is not just about putting the right new feature into a product and getting it on the shelf faster than the next guy. Innovation comes […]

4 May 2009
Crowdsourcing, collaborative innovation and co-creation in the mobile industry

Steve Wolak is the founder and head of the Betavine, Vodafone’s developer outreach website — recently much heralded by Vodafone’s CEO Vittorio Colao — and he just started blogging. His central question: “Crowdsourcing, open and collaborative innovation, the long tail, wikinomics … what does it all mean for the corporate company? particularly operators?” Several of […]

4 May 2009
Tim Brown on the participation economy

Nokia’s IdeasProject site features a video interview with Tim Brown, CEO of Ideo, where he argues that that communications technology is leading us back to the kind of participation economy that existed before the industrial revolution in that a great product or service is no longer defined as something where the customer doesn’t have to […]

2 May 2009
Living and learning with social media

danah boyd (blog), a researcher at Microsoft Research New England and a Fellow at the Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet and Society, was one of the featured speakers at the April 18 Penn State Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology, an annual one-day event on ways that technology can be used to enhance […]

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