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14 February 2006
Developing Leaders for Innovation

Developing Leaders for Innovation is the name of a new minisite of the Chicago-based Institute of Design, with many examples of their work. The site is particularly interesting because it describes some user experience design tools and processes, such as user observation, early prototyping, behavioural prototyping and interdisciplinary collaboration. Also of note is IIT’s upcoming […]

putting people first
by experientia

We are an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organisations to innovate their products, services and processes by putting people and their experiences first.

1 January 2015
Happy Playful New Year
21 December 2014
Experientia’s Twitter feed live

Experientia has now its own Twitter feed. Four months of Putting People First posts and other links have already been uploaded. If you followed Experientia on Twitter through the feed of its CEO, Mark Vanderbeeken, make sure to now also follow the company (but don’t unfollow Mark, who will keep on tweeting away). And while […]

19 December 2014
Putting People First blog redesigned

Experientia’s Putting People First blog has been redesigned. It is now entirely responsive, allows for easier browsing, searching, and filtering, and features larger images on the posts. The entire history of posts remains accessible as before. We are still tweaking things and welcome any feedback.

27 November 2014
Why the world needs anthropologists – an update

Why the world needs anthropologists – Coming out of the ivory tower Location: Padua, Italy, Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano Date and time: Friday, 5 December 2014, 13:00 – 18:00 Padua, Italy, 5 December 2014 – The second edition of the international symposium of applied anthropologists attempts to erase the boundary between ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ anthropology, […]

30 October 2014
The BancoSmart ATM by Experientia for UniCredit selected for ADI Design Index

Last year Experientia designed the interface of an ATM of UniCredit, a major Italian bank. The interface is now rolled out across the bank’s ATMs in Italy, to great satisfaction of the bank and the customers alike, since interaction speed is much faster and error rates went down dramatically. Last year UniCredit and Experientia also […]

29 October 2014
Experientia at EPIC: UX transforming a financial institution

In September 2014 Experientia gave a presentation on working as UX professionals with financial institutions at the EPIC conference in New York. The paper is now available on the EPIC site in HTML and PDF versions (free registration req’d). Abstract Application of a user-centered approach rooted in ethnographic methodologies facilitates a major European bank’s transition […]

14 February 2006
Developing Leaders for Innovation

Developing Leaders for Innovation is the name of a new minisite of the Chicago-based Institute of Design, with many examples of their work. The site is particularly interesting because it describes some user experience design tools and processes, such as user observation, early prototyping, behavioural prototyping and interdisciplinary collaboration. Also of note is IIT’s upcoming […]

13 February 2006
Torino 2008 World Design Capital

The Olympics have barely started, but Torino is already looking ahead to its next venture: in 2008 it will become the first World Design Capital. At a prestigious and well-attended press conference today, an illustrous panel, consisting of Sergio Chiamparino, mayor of the City of Torino, Peter Zec, president of ICSID, Andrea Pininfarina, ceo of […]

12 February 2006
Interaction design in a glocal context

The Hong Kong School of Design MDes programme positions product and interaction design education between cultural identity, local relevance and global competitiveness. “The aim of the Master of Design programme is to equip students with knowledge in design at a level that facilitates the integration of design, technology and business. This knowledge is obtained through […]

12 February 2006
Interview with Marc Rettig on designing for interaction

Dan Saffer, an interaction designer at Adaptive Path and the author of the upcoming book “Designing for interaction” just published an interview with Marc Rettig. Marc Rettig is a designer, educator, and researcher, as well as founder and principal of Fit Associates. He has taught at Carnegie Mellon’s Graduate School of Design (where he held […]

12 February 2006
Aging at home: a user-centred approach to caring for the elderly [The New York Times]

Beacon Hill Village is an innovative nonprofit organisation created by and for local residents determined to grow old in familiar surroundings, and to make that possible for others. Community-based models for aging in place designed by the people who use them are the wave of the future, experts say, an alternative to nursing homes and […]

12 February 2006
Interactive user experiences with mobiles

LocaModa is a company that creates proprietary interactive networks that extend the power of the web to the steet helping consumers to opt-in and connect to brands. The have launched two services: StreetSurfer and StreetMessenger. StreetSurfer is a mobile-enabled interactive marketing application for retail, real estate and travel and tourism industries. StreetSurfer enables users with […]

10 February 2006
Future scenarios for the $100 laptop

In a thoughtful article in the New York Times, Hal R. Varian, professor of business, economics and information management at the University of California, Berkeley, explores the potential business models that could be built around cheap laptops in developing countries. Starting from historic examples — the sewing machine, the cash register, the telegraph and the […]

9 February 2006
Zollverein School of Management and Design

International professional development and training for professionals working in management and design. The Zollverein School of Management and Design is the only research and educational institute of its kind in Europe. The school was founded in 2004 and its first international MBA degree course in Business Design got underway in February 2005. The course’s interdisciplinary […]

9 February 2006
Design for emerging technologies

In a long story on the Design Council website, Peter Davies, chief executive of Pera International, reflects on the implications of emerging technologies and the pace of technological change for design and design professionals. “By tracking and understanding today’s emerging technologies we can predict what new design freedoms they will give us in the future. […]

9 February 2006
Creativity and innovation for public authorities

The UK Design Council provides some interesting case studies of what creativity and innovation can do to public procurement and regional and local authorities. Borough of Tower Hamlets – Idea Store Libraries in the London borough of Tower Hamlets were unused and unloved until the Idea Store trebled usage with seven-day opening, a cafe and […]

9 February 2006
Fins launch European network of Living Labs

The Finnish EU Presidency will launch a European Network of Living Labs – Co-creation of innovation in public, private and civic partnership on November 21, 2006. This is the first step towards a New European Innovation System (EIS). A European Network of Living Labs is a collaboration of Public Private Partnership (PPP) where firms, public […]

8 February 2006
Designing user experiences at Microsoft

Microsoft’s chief blogger Robert Scoble interviews his colleague Jenny Lam, creative lead of the MSX (Microsoft User Experience) design team, to talk about the user experience work her team is doing for Windows Vista. At CES 2006 Jenny Lam also talked with Chris Pirillo about the Aero desktop experience, and the design of the latest […]

7 February 2006
Design for Democracy: increasing participation in the civic experience

Design for Democracy increases civic participation by making the experience clearer, more understandable, easier to accomplish and more trustworthy. Design and social research professionals collaborate to enable compelling, efficient and trust-building experiences between government and the governed. On a nonprofit basis, Design for Democracy offers consultation services to federal, state and local government agencies by […]

7 February 2006
An exponentially expanding future from exponentially shrinking technology

Ray Kurzweill, author of The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology and featured before in this blog (link and link), was recently a guest speaker at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he discussed how our lives might look like in forty years, given the ever accelerating rate of information technology. The talk, entitled […]

7 February 2006
IDEO on design processes in healthcare management

The Winter 2006 issue of the magazine of the Rotman School of Management is devoted to healthcare and features a four page article by IDEO’s Peter Coughlin and Ilya Prokopoff. The article, entitled “Managing Change, By Design”, discusses three design tools for creating ‘futures’ based on the one thing that seems to remain relatively stable, […]

6 February 2006
User research and co-creation in healthcare systems

Chronic disease and conditions related to an unhealthy lifestyle have reached epidemic proportions and are rising still. This presents a momentous challenge for our current healthcare system. Looking at the problem from a design perspective shows that there are many gaps in the way that current approaches relate to people’s daily lives and motivations. Designing […]

6 February 2006
Calendar of experience design events worldwide

I would like to remind the PPF readers that they can find a calendar dedicated to experience design conferences and events on the Eventful website, which currently contains thirty upcoming activities of interest to the community. It is a shared calendar so everyone can add events, and also contains group listings for events with particular […]

6 February 2006
Design Council publishes thirty “Design Cards”

The Design Council knowledge cards summarise a unique resource of online in-depth information compiled by expert authors on design topics and issues that matter. The 30 cards in a pack provide an overview of our knowledge experts resources introducing each topic by explaining what it is, why it is important and how you might apply […]

4 February 2006
Design and usability for emerging telephony

During the recent O’Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference (January 24-26, San Francisco), Roberto Tagliabue, digital experience creative director of Nike TechLab , B.J. Fogg, a researcher at Stanford University and author of the book “Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do” and Brian McConnell, founder of Open Communication System (aka RadioHandi), held […]

3 February 2006
Swisscom presents ICT usage vision for 2015

Swisscom’s Vision 2015 highlights the most probable future with respect to developments and usage of ICT. Taking into consideration both technological and societal trends, Swisscom developed a number of storylines covering different aspects of the every-day life in order to understand how these trends could affect the evolution of the ICT world in different domains […]

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