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We are an international experience design consultancy

With the behaviours and contexts of people driving our designs, we create product and service experiences that really matter.

About us

Shadi Lahham

Shadi is an interaction designer and programmer with a rich background in both computer science and design. He has a B.Sc. in computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a master’s degree in interaction design from Domus Academy, Milan. He has worked as a programmer for several companies and institutions in Israel, and has lived and worked in Jerusalem, Boston and Milan.
Shadi works on projects dealing with user interface, usability, prototyping and developing applications and services.

Shadi’s primary areas of interest include interface design, human computer interaction, smart devices, sensors integrated into day-to-day living spaces, multi-lingual interfaces, controllers, joysticks, remotes, and wireless devices, and giving people the freedom to seamlessly interact with the plethora of devices and interfaces that are all around in simple, new and unique ways.

In order to be creative, one needs an environment that allows him to express himself, and share in his designs the way he sees the world.