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About us

Renzo Giusti

Renzo Giusti has a master’s degree in interaction design from Domus Academy, Milan, where his final project was a concept for an Urban Risk Barometer in conjunction with Fujitsu, for information management in hazardous urban contexts. During his time at Domus Academy, he worked as a course coordinator and project assistant for the interaction design master’s degree, and was able to work with the many design studios, consultancy agencies and industry partners that Domus collaborates with.

Renzo’s design expertise covers the broad spectrum ranging from digital artefacts to interactive systems. This includes the conceptual domains of User Experience Design and Service Design, Graphic User Interface Design and Tangible User Interfaces.

Renzo is particularly interested in mobile communication tools and services, technologies as facilitators of social change and unconventional uses of technology. He is also fascinated by large scale urban displays: he worked with a team to develop the “Dot MM” design for an electronic store façade, which won second place in the 2005 Domus Academy Media-world/Mediamarkt® Competition.

Renzo’s other experience includes coordinating the didactic “Interactive Communication” programme for the InDeX (Interaction Design Experience) project: a master’s programme promoted by Edugov Consortium in Sardinia; and associate researcher for the EU-funded research project, I.Ro.Me.C, led by Prof. Patrizia Marti (University of Siena).

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