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Michelle Castañeda

UX Designer


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Michelle Castañeda

UX Designer

Design is thinking made visible. (Saul Bass)

Michelle is a hands-on design researcher who focuses on interaction design and user experience. She has a MSc in information technology and product design from the University of Southern Denmark, and a B.S of industrial design from Tec de Monterrey.

Her previous work includes roles as Innovation Strategist at Idea Couture and researcher at the University of Southern Denmark. She developed her master's thesis in collaboration with LEGO, where she also worked as an intern designing playful experiences merging physical and digital play. She was co-chair of the 11th edition of the Student Interaction Design Research Conference (SIDeR) in Denmark. She has collaborated in several multidisciplinary and international projects with companies like Bombardier, PepsiCo and Crown.

At Experientia, she works as a UX designer, where her focus is on developing meaningful concepts that meets users' needs. She is fluent in English, and is a mother tongue Spanish speaker.

Design is thinking made visible. (Saul Bass)

Do you collect anything?

Yes, I collect The Little Prince books. Every country I visit I try to buy a copy of the book in the official language of the country. Sometimes there are even some versions in a local dialect - like Bavarian, Roman or Mayan - those are like pure gold to me.

What's one technology you'd like to invent?

A type of bag that would reduce the weight and size of the items you are carrying inside, but once you take them out they would recover their original size and weight. Traveling, moving and grocery shopping would be much easier.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would be tamales, a traditional mexican dish. They come in many different types and flavours - I could eat them forever without being tired of them.