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We are an international experience design consultancy

With the behaviours and contexts of people driving our designs, we create product and service experiences that really matter.

About us

Gina Taha

Gina has a BFA in Packaging Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she focused on branding strategy, and a master’s degree in industrial design for extreme sports from the Istituto Europeo di Design. There, she expanded her passion for research, choosing to focus her master on user-centered design methodologies. Her creative studies and eight years of design experience in New York have given her the skills to conduct research and develop meaningful insights towards an improvement in user experiences, both with products and services. During her time at Experientia, which she joined in 2010, Gina has been involved in projects based around participatory design strategies, ethnographic research and sustainable behavioral change.

Gina is a Spanish and English native speaker, but she is also very fluent in Italian.

I’ve come to research in a round-about way, but I find that the pit stops I’ve made in various design fields have amplified how I view the world and how I approach problems. While the fastest way is usually a line from A to B, I’m grateful for the twisting, winding, learning path that I’m on.