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Anne-Laure Jaquinet

Business & Strategic designer


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Anne-Laure Jaquinet

Business & Strategic designer

Don't let appearances fool you. There's always only one reality! Haruki Murakami

Anne-Laure is a young business designer, and also Experientia's specialist in the hospitality industry, thanks to her background in Hospitality Management. She obtained her diploma from the prestigious École Hôtelière de Lausanne. She joined Experientia after completing a master's degree in Business Design in Milan (Domus Academy). Thanks to her educational background in both Business School and Design School, she has a strategic overview of design-related decision making, with a strong user-centric view.

Anne-Laure’s previous work includes experiences in luxury hospitality, a high-end winery, and research and project management for design and branding agency.

She has worked in Germany, the USA, England, Switzerland and Italy, and speaks German, English, French and Italian.

Don't let appearances fool you. There's always only one reality! Haruki Murakami

How would you spend your days in an alternate universe?

Flying around - That’s my ultimate dream.

Finish the sentence: "I could talk for hours about..."

The universe, humanity and the meaning of our life.

What's one technology you'd like to invent?

Without hesitation tele-transportation, since traveling is a great source of inspiration and joy for me feeding my ever growing curiosity for our world. Imagine your Sunday: having a nice brunch in San Francisco, relaxing by the beach somewhere in Thailand in the afternoon, grabbing dinner in the latest spot in London and going dancing in Rio sipping on good caipirinhas afterwards - where do I sign?