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About us

Anna Wojnarowska

Anna joined Experientia in October 2011, after completing an MSc in Digital Anthropology at University College London. Supervised by acclaimed anthropologist Dr. Stefana Broadbent, she conducted research on the usage of digital technologies by long-term patients of a cardiology institute, which was awarded with distinction. She also holds an MA in Social Psychology, with a specialisation on how social networking sites influence the development of users’ identities.

Thanks to her studies, Anna has developed valuable skills in ethnographic methodology and – more importantly – a cultural perspective on social phenomena associated with new technologies. As one of Experientia’s user experience researchers, Anna’s focus is to deliver an interdisciplinary approach to social science, providing quantitative and qualitative ethnographic insights, towards a better understanding of human needs.

Anna is a native Polish speaker, but thanks to her studies abroad, she is also very fluent in English.

Engaging in people’s ordinary lives, getting to know what drives and constrains them and putting all of these small pieces together has always been my passion. And right now it has become my work as well!