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We are an international experience design consultancy

With the behaviours and contexts of people driving our designs, we create product and service experiences that really matter.

About us

Alessio Zazzarini

Alessio Zazzarini has a Master’s Degree in applied psychology from the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. His studies focused on cognitive psychology, user research and human computer interaction.

He has worked as a UX researcher and designer, on usability tests, interface design, information architecture, expert reviews and prototype creation. He has collaborated with companies including UniCredit, Warner Bros, American Express, Carrefour and Mondadori digital.

Alessio’s primary areas of interest include usability, ethnographic research, persuasive design, accessibility and creating extraordinary and meaningful human experiences. He also has skills in SEO, web analytics, unconventional marketing and social media.

At Experientia, he works as UX researcher and designer dealing with projects both involving qualitative research and design.

What inspires me is studying and understanding cognitive and emotional systems of people in specific contexts, in order to design innovative solutions that can really enhance human life. I am in love with mankind.